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Autologous Epidermal Grafting Surgery to Treat Vitiligo

autologous epidermal grafting surgerySome vitiligo patients might often heard about the autologous epidermal grafting surgery to treat vitiligo. But they don’t know the process of this surgery and don’t know this surgery how to treat their vitiligo. The experts from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital point out the autologous epidermal grafting surgery is the effective treatment for vitiligo at present. It’s application areas are wide and the safety is high, the treatment effect is quite obvious. In the following part, I’d like to explain the process of this surgery in detail.

The way to do the autologous epidermal grafting surgery.

1. Choose the normal skin in the abdomen or thigh as the donor sites, conventional disinfected this area, according to the size of vitiligo to choose proper separator. Negative pressure to attract about 30 minutes after the epidermis and dermis separated and there are full blisters then stop negative pressure and attract.

2. Recipient sites ( vitiligo areas ), first conventional disinfected, apply 2% lidocaine for local anesthesia, use the grinding machine to grind the epidermis until it appear spot bleeding, then use the sterile saline dressing to cover it temperately.

3. Take down the separated blister along it’s edge then graft it’s epidermis and closely attached to the recipient sites then covered these area with oil yarn, use the bandages to stable this area. One week after the surgery you can revisit the doctor.

The attentions for the patients after the epidermal grafting surgery.

1. After the surgery, the patients need to take the antibiotic about 2 to 3 days.

2. After the surgery, the patients might feet itch in different degrees, they should avoid rubbing or scratching with the hands, they can properly press their wounds.

3. In one week after the surgery, they should avoid contact with the water, avoid intensive exercise in case the sweats cause the infectious.

4. They should protect their dressings, do not damp it or make it move.

5. In 15 days after the skin grafting, they should avoid contact with soap, shampoo or other chemical materials.

6. 7 days after the surgery, the dressings can removed, there are part of the skin flap still remain in the recipient site, the patients can not tear them off, he should let them remove by themselves. 15 to 30 days after the surgery, they can see there are normal pigment generated. 1 to 3 months after the surgery, their vitiligo can recovered or the color of their vitiligo close to the normal skin color.

7. Joints, hairs, around months and other moving areas, the treatment effects in these areas is relatively poor is only received one time surgery, it can do several times grafting surgery until it restore to the normal skin color.

8. If the melanocyte did not survived because of the dressings moving or other causes, the patients should take the surgery again after 3 to 6 months.

9. The donor sites can remove the dressings one week after the surgery, there will have depigmentation phenomenon one month after the surgery, after 3 to 6 months there can basically restore the normal skin color.

10. Coordinate with the medication treatment under the doctor’s instruction can improve their epidermal skin grafting treatment effects.

The experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates there are many treatments for vitiligo, the vitiligo patients should find the treatment suit for their vitiligo condition. They first need to receive the comprehensive tests to find out the true causes of their vitiligo, then make the treatment plan according to their own vitiligo conditions. So vitiligo patients need to treat their vitiligo in the specialist vitiligo hospital. If you have any question about autologous epidermal grafting surgery, welcome mail to


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