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Why Vitiligo Easier to Appear on Hands

vitiligo on handsWhy vitiligo is easier to appear on hands? This question well concerned by many vitiligo patients. In fact, the hands and face these areas are the often exposed areas in our body. The research founds vitiligo appear on hands only less than it appear on face. Why the hands easier to appear vitiligo? In the following parts, I’d like to explain this in detail.

Experts from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital holds that the main reason for vitiligo appear on hands are in the below.

1. The hands can frequently contact with chemical substances, especially phenol compounds. Frequently contact with chemical substances is one of the important reason that cause vitiligo. In which the phenol compounds have most obvious influence to the hands. This kind of chemical substance have selective damage to the melanocyte that can cause the melanin pigment loss. Those people work on rubber, plastic, resin manufacturing industries, they have higher chance to have vitiligo on hands.

2. External injuries also one of the important cause of the vitiligo on hands. In the daily life, the hands are the main organ to engaged in labor, it also most easy area suffer from external injuries. External injuries cause the vitiligo on hands, this phenomenon in the clinical have many cases. It’s mechanism is very complex and still under the research at present. The vitiligo in the development stage is the important stage to avoid injuries. The children vitiligo patients are the important group need to pay special attention to. Because the external injuries cause the isomorphic reaction is quite common. The patients use sharp tools need to avoid hurt their hands.

3. The hands easy suffer from the intense irradiate of ultraviolet ray. The over exposure to the ultraviolet ray can cause the melanin pigment intermediates exceeds, these toxics might damage the normal function and structure of melanocyte. On the other hand, over irradiate the ultraviolet ray might cause the melanocyte over excited and consumed too much. The hands over exposed to the outside have great chance to have vitiligo on hands.

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