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Harms and Diet Tips for Vitiligo

harms and diet tips for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it’s symptoms are white spots. It need longer time to treat so often will brought much influence to the normal life and work of the patients. The patients with vitiligo often very perplex about harms of vitiligo, they are confused about what to need to eat at their daily life. First I’d like to make a brief introduction about the harms of vitiligo.

Harms of vitiligo.

1. First it influence the patient’s appearance. Vitiligo often occur in exposed areas, directly influence the patient’s appearance. Most people are very care about their appearances, so vitiligo this disease although without itch or pain feelings will make those patient’s suffered.

2. Mental influence. Vitiligo not only can damage their appearance, but it also can brought heavy mental burden to vitiligo patients. Vitiligo patients often full of fear, inferiority and anxious, they are afraid discrimination come from others, they are afraid face to face talk with others. Some patients even will have depressions, that will worsen their vitiligo.

3. Normal romantic relationship and work. Some work units pay much attention to their staff appearance, so the patients with vitiligo have great chance to be shut out by these places. They also found it is relatively difficult for them contact with opposite sex friend, they are very hard to be accepted by the opposite sex. If the vitiligo patients both suffered a lot in the work and their romantic relationship, they are very easy feel crushed.

4. The further influence. If the vitiligo not treated in timely, their vitiligo condition might developed, the adjacent vitiligo might integrate into irregular large patches. It you let it go, it might reduced into the generalized vitiligo and spread all over the body. It also induce other complications.

Diet tips for vitiligo patients.

1. Tyrosine, copper and other trace elements. Tyrosine and copper element good for the synthesis of melanin pigment, it can help their vitiligo recovery. So vitiligo patients in their daily life can eat more foods rich in tyrosine and copper. These foods include beef, eggs, edible fungus, pears, dates, apricots, beans, raisins and etc.

2. Foods with black color. Vitiligo patients can eat more foods with black color such as black beans, black rices, walnuts and etc.

3. Eat less foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C can influence the melanin pigment synthesis from many tracts. So vitiligo patients in their daily life should pay special attention to their diets, try to control the vitamin C intake.

Since vitiligo have so many harms, so vitiligo should to to the specialist vitiligo to treated as earlier as possible, do not delayed your vitiligo. Vitiligo patients also need to pay attention to their diet in their daily life, avoid their vitiligo spread too fast. If you have any question, welcome to contact with the online customer service staff or mail to


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