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The Symptoms of Vitiligo no Feet

treatment of vitiligo on feetVitiligo is a common skin diseases in our daily life, it can occur in any parts. The feet is also one of the common area of vitiligo occur. So what about the symptoms of vitiligo on feet? In the following part, I’d like to make a detailed introduction about this.

Experts from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital make a brief introduction about vitiligo on feet for your reference.

1. The vitiligo on feet with different shapes and sizes, some vitiligo with the fingernail size, some with the coin size, the shapes of white patches are different.

2. On the early stage of vitiligo on feet, if you can not find it timely, the vitiligo on feet will gradually expand and cause the hairs in vitiligo become white. The original vitiligo also might expand, there are new vitiligo appear in other parts.

3. The vitiligo on feet have no itch or pain feeling, the color of vitiligo will gradually become pale, present as gray white or milky white and etc.

4. Vitiligo on the feet often have a pigment loss ring on the edge of vitiligo. The color in that area often deeper than in other area, some expanding edge is clear, some invisible, some present as complete ring shape. It also can have pigment loss ring appear in certain part around the vitiligo.

What I mentioned is the basic introduction about vitiligo, the experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital remind vitiligo patients must have some understanding about vitiligo to find out the symptoms of vitiligo on feet earlier. Early found, early treatment can inhibit the vitiligo expand. Besides, the blood circulation in this area is quite poor, the vitiligo on feet is much harder and need longer time to treat, longer time to restore the color than vitiligo on face and other parts. So vitiligo patients need to go the normal specialist vitiligo hospital to comprehensively treat their vitiligo as earlier as possible.

Every patients with different physique condition, with different inducements, so vitiligo treatment also should different. Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital innovated the UM-D systemic treatment, this treatment based on many years clinical experience, combine the traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, integrate the most advance technology to treat vitiligo, the experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital make the vitiligo treatment plan according to the symptoms of every vitiligo patients.

All above is the basic introduction about the treatment of vitiligo on feet. Wish you have better understanding about the treatment of vitiligo on feet. If you have other question, want to face to face talk with our customer service staff, welcome mail to


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