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Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitiligo in Early Stage

diagnosis and treatment of vitiligoVitiligo in the early stage have no self consciousness feelings such as itchy and pain. So the vitiligo in the early stage is easier to be ignored by vitiligo patients. After the vitiligo expand, the patients then realized to treat their vitiligo, in that time it might a little late and largely increase the difficulty to treat their vitiligo and need to spend more time and money. So it is important for vitiligo patients to diagnose and treat their vitiligo as earlier as possible. How to diagnose the vitiligo in the early stage? In the following part, I will explain it in detail.

1. The early symptoms of vitiligo.

The early signs of vitiligo can judge according to the symptoms. The vitiligo on the early stage in dots or patches shape, one or several patches, without itching and hurting feeling. It might occur in any parts of the body. So if the people with white spots, they can observe their own skin, to see if they have vitiligo or not.

2. Doctor’s diagnosis.

Vitiligo on the early stage in fact similar with the symptoms of many skin diseases, it is very easy to cause misdiagnosis. So only through the experience clinical doctors, they can diagnose it according to their many years experience, so it can avoid misdiagnosis.

3. Instrument diagnosis.

Vitiligo patients can go to diagnose their vitiligo via professional diagnose instruments to diagnose their vitiligo and detect their inducements and then make the targeted treatment plan according to their symptoms.

How to treat vitiligo?

1. Medication treatment. The common medicines to treat vitiligo generally divided into two types. One is psoralen plus ultraviolet ray to treat vitiligo. That is orally take psoralen and then use UVA to irradiate the vitiligo. The other type medicine is corticosteroid, often choose the strong edition of corticosterioid, this kind of medicine often can apply to vitiligo with small area.

2. Laser treat vitiligo. The laser have photo thermal effects to the skin mucosa, it can speedy up the vitiligo recovery speed.

3. Surgery treat vitiligo. Surgery mainly include skin grafting surgery and melanin pigment planting surgery these two kinds. The advantages of these treatments are it will have quicker treatment effects, can control the vitiligo patients condition very fast. But it must have one precondition is the patient’s vitiligo in the stable stage.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo. The Chinese medicine with long history, it have special opinion in vitiligo treatment. Normally the vitiligo treatments should be different according to the individual difference of vitiligo patients. Because the physique condition and causes of their vitiligo is different, so the treatments also should be different. The Chinese medicine treat vitiligo mainly through tonifying the spleen and nourishing the stomach, activating the blood and soothing the qi, nourishing the kidney and liver, remove the wind and get rid of damp to treat vitiligo under the syndrome differentiation theory.

5. Mental therapy. Vitiligo brought huge mental burden to vitiligo patients, the patients often in the inferiority and fear mental state. The medical workers should often communicate with the vitiligo patients, let them know some knowledge about vitiligo. Vitiligo patients should develop their own interests, distract their intention to other things such as reading and drawing.

The experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital remind the patients once they have vitiligo, they should treat it earlier, they can eat more foods with black color such as black rice, black sesame and etc. Eat less fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to personal hygiene. If you have any question, welcome mail to


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