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What Causes Vitiligo on Face

what causes vitiligo on faceVitiligo is a common depigmentation skin disease. The symptoms of vitiligo on face seriously damaged the patient’s appearance and brought much influence to the patient’s social contacts, cause huge mental pressure to them. But most people still perplexed about the causes of vitiligo on face. In the following part, I’d like to make a introduction to you in detail.

1. Lack of trace elements, with poor immune function.

The trace elements like zinc, copper and iodine can participate into the metabolism of the body, lack of some trace elements that needed to synthesize the melanin pigment will cause vitiligo on face. Some trace elements can avoid the poison damage the pigment cell. If lack or disproportion of some elements, it will make the melanin pigment synthesis problem.

Melanocyte antibodies are produced by the endocrine function disorder. It can not recognize auto pigment cells, make the antigens and have immune reaction and finally cause the auto pigment cell damage. This finally cause the white spots on the face.

2. Genetic genes.

According to the research, the vitiligo on face can pass on to the next generation, even any family members in your family have vitiligo, you might also have vitiligo. So genetic factor also can cause vitiligo on face.

3. External injuries and irritations.

Some external injuries such as burns, frostbites and surgery can cause the melanocyte damaged, cause the part of the skin white. Even will caure the new white patches faraway from the vitiligo sites. If the vitiligo patients on face have wound, they need to handle it properly. Because the stress changes, neurochemical factors or immune function disorder can cause the sporadic or generalized vitiligo.

Some external skin irritations such as frictions, scratches, oppression and etc also can induce vitiligo on face. The external skin irritations can cause the melanocyte damage, if you let it go, it will cause the immune function disorder and cause the new vitiligo on other sites.

Know the causes of the vitiligo on face is very important, it can help you to avoid the factors in your life might induce vitiligo and effectively prevent it happen. If you have any question about the causes of vitiligo, welcome mail to


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