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Diet For Leucoderma Patients

diets for leucodermaLeucoderma also called vitiligo, it is a stubborn skin disease, first it not know by many people but now it’s more and more common. Because more and more people have leucoderma. From the children to aged people, many people get leucoderma without any obvious inducements. In the following part, I want to offer some suggestions about diets for leucoderma patients.

What foods good for leucoderma patients?

The foods like animal livers, kidney, fresh eggs, fresh tofu, beans, fresh vegetables, sugar canes, sunflower seeds, black sesame and walnuts. These foods good for leucoderma patients.

leucoderma patients can moderately eat more foods rich in tyrosinase and mineral substances such as beef, rabbit meat, pork, bird’s eggs such as hen’s egg, duck egg and etc. The cow milk and yogurt also good for vitiligo patients.

The foods vitiligo patients should control the intake.

Vitiligo patients should abstain the wines and cigarettes. Avoids these things damaged their immune function and stimulate their skin.

Avoid take medicines contains vitamin C or foods rich in vitamin C. The vitamin C have the depigmentation effects to the skin. The fruits rich in vitamin C should avoid by leucoderma patients. These foods are citrus, strawberries, hawthorns, pineapples, oranges, fruit juice, kiwifruits and etc.

Avoid eat garlic, green onion, fish, shrimp, mutton, bamboo shoot, pickles, peppers and wines. The spinach also should avoid to eat, because the spinach contains large amount of oxalic acid, it easy make the skin lesion itchy.

But all in all, foods is only foods, it can not replace the treatments. Vitiligo patients should turn to the professional doctors for help. Leucoderma is a skin disease, it’s one of the stubborn skin diseases in the world, it can not controlled or cured only by eat some foods. So vitiligo patients need turn to the specialist vitiligo hospital for help. If you have any question about vitiligo, welcome mail to


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