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Symptoms of Vitiligo in Different Age Groups

symptoms of vitiligo in different age groups1. Children’ s vitiligo mostly distributed independently, they are very sensitive to sunlight. The symptoms of children’ s vitiligo in the initial stage almost independently distributed in the surface of the skin, have no signs of integrated with each other and very sensitive to the sunlight, even short time exposed to the sunlight, the vitiligo will become red, because the skin of children is fragile than adult’s skin.

2. Children’ s vitiligo in the initial stage is mainly have a few depigmentation spots in their skin: the skin lesion of children’ s vitiligo in the initial stage are less obvious than adult’s. Most of the vitiligo in the shape of a few dots or small depigmentation patches. Because the melanin pigment in their vitiligo did not loss completely, so the boundary between vitiligo and normal skin are not very clear, so it’s very easy to be ignored. So parents should pay more attention to their kid’s skin condition in their daily life, if their parents find out some abnormal situation, they should go to the hospital to have a test to avoid delay your kid’s disease and miss the best treatment time.

3. The vitiligo skin lesion sites of children distribute about 50% area in the neck and head, there are about 28% in the legs, about 18% in the trunk, about 6% in the vulva parts, the first found vitiligo onset area often in the external sexual organs, crissum and other parts. The children’ s vitiligo often starts form their knees, elbows, forearms, hands, feet and other parts, most of their vitiligo appear in the area easy to be injured.

The symptoms of elderly vitiligo

1. The initial symptoms of elderly vitiligo normally limited in certain part or nerve segment in their body, normally can not automatically disappeared.

2. The vitiligo in elderly vitiligo patients will expanded and increased, the adjacent vitiligo will integrated with each other and finally expanded into large scale and finally will generalized to whole body like map.

3. The elderly vitiligo have obvious different with the skin around it, some new vitiligo will have a strip of bumped inflammatory dark red, it will continue for about several weeks, some vitiligo with unclear boundary and have no pigment generated vitiligo often hard to distinguished.

4. The vitiligo in elderly patients usually in the shape of circular, oval or irregular shape, some vitiligo at initial stage punctate mottling in the shape of dots with clear boundary.

5. A few patients their have some hair follicle type pigment regenerate in the shape of dot, and then increased, expanded and finally merged into the shape of island, there are no shrink or furfuration in the skin lesion, the hair in the vitiligo will also become white.

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