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Symptoms Of Vitiligo In The Early Stage

vitiligo symptoms at early stageThe vitiligo is white spots we often referred. The white spots is one of the features of the early vitiligo symptoms, but it doesn’t mean that all the white spots must is vitiligo. So correctly diagnose vitiligo can treat it better. The vitiligo on the early stage is the best time to treat it. What about the symptoms of the vitiligo in early stage? Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates that because the symptoms of vitiligo in early stage is not very obvious, so even many people have vitiligo but hard to realize it. It will delay their disease, make the area of their vitiligo increased aggressively and miss the best time to treat their vitiligo.

What about the symptoms of vitiligo in early stage? In the following part, I will introduce the experts from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital to you. They have some special opinions in the vitiligo treatment. The symptoms of vitiligo in the early stage shows lighter pigment loss phenomenon, it is very hard to distinguish with the normal skin around it. So the early symptoms of vitiligo in the people with white complexion is hard to diagnose in timely.

There are many features about vitiligo. The symptoms of vitiligo in the early stage generally have five features.

1. Often have no itching feeling, even have that feeling is very light.

2. The number of pigment loss patches are relatively less, only one to two patches and most of the patches appeared in exposed areas.

3. Except the pigment loss phenomenon, the skin in the pigment loss area is just the same as the normal skin, there have no itchy, peeling or shrinking changes in the vitiligo lesion.

4. The color of vitiligo often present as the shallow white or milky white, the common sites of vitiligo often on the face, neck, arms, legs, waist, tummy and back where there are many sweat glands. If the skin boundary is unclear or expand toward the normal skin, without consider other disease, it have great chance is vitiligo.

5. The shapes of vitiligo in the early stage often present as fingernail size or coin size with round, oval or irregular shape. There have no other changes such as shrinking or peeling changes in the vitiligo areas. The hairs and fine hairs in the vitiligo areas can lose pigment even will change into white color. The hairs and fine hairs in the vitiligo lesion sometimes have no changes in their vitiligo areas.

Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital use wood lamp to treat vitiligo, we also test the micro circulation in their body, test the melanocyte in their body. Our hospital innovate the UM-D multidimensional treatment to treat vitiligo. This treatment system scientifically distinguish the types and stages of vitiligo, make a special treatment plan for every vitiligo patients. Our hospital combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat vitiligo patients, combine the internal treatment and external treatment together, use the Chinese medicine to get rid of the poison in the blood, use the western medicine to regulate their body, largely decreased the recurrent rate of vitiligo.


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