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Leucoderma Clinical Classification

vitiligo clinical classificationThere are many factors can induce vitiligo we all known about this, so in the treatment we can be the same. The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital holds that the vitiligo need classify it’s color, type and stage to understand the patients vitiligo at present and it’s spreading tendency. Different vitiligo patients have different illness condition, need to adopt different treatment plan or not only can not treated effectively but also will delay their illness state. So the experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital indicates that the leucoderma needed clinical classified to known which type, color and stages of the vitiligo, it is very important for the vitiligo treatment. In this article, I’d like to introduce the clinical classification of vitiligo.

The leucoderma can be divided into different types clinically included localized leucoderma, sporadic leucoderma, generalized leucoderma, acral type leucoderma, segmental leucoderma and hair follicle leucoderma.

1. Localized leucoderma it means the vitiligo concentrated in part of the body. The number of white spots can be one or several. The onset sites is not certain, it can happen in any part of the body. The vitiligo in the development period localized in certain part, the area will expand gradually. The onset of this type vitiligo closely related with some external injuries, the onset rate is about 1% to 2%, it can happen in any ages, about half of people with vitiligo are young people, the common sites of vitiligo is on the face, neck, trunk, private parts and other parts. The area of the skin lesion are different, the vitiligo on the skin have different shapes with milky white and clear boundary. Long term vitiligo can not treated can have white hairs on this part. The vitiligo have no self conscious feelings such as pain and itchy. The course of the vitiligo is chronic need long time to treat. The localized vitiligo although only limited on certain parts but if treated untimely the area can expand gradually and increase the treatment difficulty.

2. The area of sporadic vitiligo is less than 50%. The total area of the sporadic vitiligo is relatively small, it not exceed the 50% of total surface area, the vitiligo mainly in small patches, single onset on many parts of the body, there are few cluster vitiligo concentrated and symmetrically distributed. This type of vitiligo is improperly treated easy developed into generalized vitiligo.

3. The area of generalized vitiligo is exceed the 50% of the total area of the surface. Most generalized vitiligo developed from the sporadic vitiligo, it can occur in any part of the body, in any ages. Among the vitiligo patients, the teenager occupied most. The boundary of the skin lesion is clear, it distribute in many parts of the body, have no self conscious feelings such as pain and itchy. Generally speaking the vitiligo will not exist in single, it always merged into large patches. The shape of this type of vitiligo always irregular, distribute symmetrically. Many white spots merged with each other and formed into large patches finally exceed the 50% of the total surface area. Because the melanocyte of the generalized vitiligo damaged seriously and the common sites of this type of vitiligo often on eyebrows, head and other parts, often cause the hair also become white. Generalized vitiligo is most serious type, the vitiligo can worsen in a very short time and spread to many parts of the body under the stimulating effects of many factors.

4. Acral type vitiligo mainly occur on the endings of arms and legs, it is very easy expand to the face and developed into acrofacial vitiligo. Most of the acral vitiligo occur on face and acro. This type of vitiligo caused by the poor circulation of qi and blood.

5. Segmental vitiligo distribute along certain nerve. This kind of vitiligo often develop along the damaged nerve endings of the skin, it distributed unilateral in one patch or several patches, it often occur on face, often in summer. There are half vitiligo patients their hair become white include their hairs and eyebrows. The onset age of vitiligo is from 15 to 45, about 80 percent of vitiligo patients with vitiligo before their 20. Compared with non segmental vitiligo, the onset age of segmental vitiligo is younger, the family history is rare, the autoimmune diseases is less. So it’s development tendency is easy to forecast.the segmental vitiligo is caused by the sympathetic nerve disorder cause the hormone secretion abnormal and make some hormone secretion influence the synthesis of the melanocyte, when their melanin pigment synthesize have problems, their have white spots in their body and finally cause vitiligo.

6. The hair follicle vitiligo their hair, eyebrow and beard become white. Simply speaking, the hair follicle vitiligo means there have hair in white spots might have hair become white. The color of the hair might change with the disease development. The restoration of vitiligo comes mainly from the melanocyte reservoir outside of the hair follicle, the hair become white means the melanocyte reservoir damaged. So the vitiligo patients with their hair become white means their vitiligo worsen, this is the symptom of vitiligo in the active stage.


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