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Does Restore the Color of Vitiligo Means it Totally cured?

restore the color of vitiligo means totally cure the vitiligoThe cure of vitiligo is the restore the color of vitiligo? This question frequently asked by vitiligo patients. The color restoration of vitiligo depends on the melanocyte in the hair follicle. There are two different activities in the melanocyte of hair follicle, one is in the growth period,there are active melanocyte in the hair follicle pilomatricoma and infundibularis partes, the other one is the inactive melanocyte outside of the hair follicle in the hair root sheath in the growth period. The skin lesion of vitiligo is there are almost lost active melanocyte, so it can not synthesize the melanin pigment. The regeneration of melanin pigment is the inactive melanocyte have no melanin pigment outside of the hair follicle in the hair root sheath activated, division, regeneration and along the hair follicle from the bottom to the top, from the epidermis to the depigmentation area and finally cause the color restoration of vitiligo.

The research indicates that there are many sleepy melanocyte have no function in short time outside of the hair follicle in the hair root sheaths, in some certain factor’s stimulating, these melanocyte might activated, this can provide a melanocyte reservoir. This can account for some parts have no hair follicle structure hard to restore the color such as the mouth, lips, back of the hand fingers, the palm of hands are hard to restore the color, because these parts lack of the reservoir of melanocyte.

Besides the normal melanocyte around the white spots will move to the white spots part, it is also can make the vitiligo parts regain melanin pigment. The melanocyte in the epidermis glide to the vitiligo parts finally settle down in the basal layer of the epidermis and form the melanin unit with the malpighian cell and maintain the normal color of skin.

Vitiligo patients should insist treatment after their white spots color totally restored, it is necessary to stay in hospital for a period to take consolidation treatment, it is helpful to prevent the relapse of vitiligo. Vitiligo patients after cured, it’s immunity and microcirculation obstruction these areas do not restore to the normal state. So vitiligo patients after cured their vitiligo that is to say after the disappeared of white spots on the skin, they need to receive another period consolidation treatment to effectively prevent the relapse of vitiligo.


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