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What Cause the Itch Feeling in Vitiligo?

itching symptoms in vitiligo siteMany patients feel itching in part of their vitiligo lesion, they want to know what causes that phenomenon. In this article, I want to explain this subject with you to find out what cause the itch feeling in the lesion site of vitiligo? clinically there are often have patients asked the causes of itching in their vitiligo parts, now I’d like to make a detail analysis for you, in this article, I’d like to make a detailed analysis for you about this phenomenon.

From the pathogenesis of vitiligo, we can see it is a non inflammatory localized pigment loss disease, it present with the symptoms that the skin and the hair become white, the skin have no shrink, harden or desquamation changes, so the patients have no uncomfortable feelings, but their are some some patients in the clinic tell about their illness state and told us there once have itching feelings in their lesion site.

So why they feel itching at their skin lesion? There are three conditions I’d like to explain it for everyone:

1. The main reason cause itching feeling in their white spots areas are the skin in the pigment loss areas lack of melanin pigment can not block the irradiation of ultraviolet ray, after over exposure to the sunlight, it can cause burning, red spots, blister and other inflammatory reactions, in this condition, the lesion part of vitiligo is very easy to induce itching and other symptoms.

2. If the patients feel itching without suffer form other external factors, in most cases it means their vitiligo is still spreading, so when the vitiligo patients feel itching in their skin lesion, generally is the sign means the vitiligo is in the developing period, it needs to arose the attentions of vitiligo patients. Vitiligo patients also should introspect their life habits weather good for the recovery of vitiligo in their treatment process, they should correct it timely.

3. Some vitiligo patients in their treatment process apply some external use medicines in part of their vitiligo site, these medicines almost have phototoxic and photosensitive effects, it can irritate the skin via the irradiation of ultraviolet ray and cause the subclinical inflammatory consume hydrosulphonyl, activate the activity of tyrosinase and promote the melanocyte produce melanin pigment. Because of the existence of inflammatory, in that time there are itching feeling in part of their vitiligo lesions, this itching feelings produced after the treatment, it is normal reaction, it can not means the vitiligo will spread.


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