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The Clinical Features and Presentations of Vitiligo

clinical features and presentations of vitiligoVitiligo always disturbed the patients suffered this disease, the vitiligo not only brought great damages to vitiligo patients, it also be a permanent shadow in their mental, every patients want to get rid of this shadow. First we need to learn and known some knowledge about vitiligo, the first we must known is we need to learn about the symptoms of vitiligo and then try to find out good treatments for vitiligo in our daily life and cooperate with doctor in the treatment process, this will achieve great treatment effects. So in this article, I’d like to make a introduction about clinical features and presentations of vitiligo for your reference.

1. Localized vitiligo only concentrated in on part of their body, it can be one spot or several spots. This type vitiligo have no stable site to occur, any parts in our body might have vitiligo. The progressive vitiligo limited in one part, but the areas will expand continuously. The occur of this type vitiligo closely related with the external injuries, there are part of localized vitiligo patients their skin lesion once have external injuries in different levels, besides after have vitiligo, it have great chance for them to have isomorphic reaction. The presentation of localized vitiligo can not be ignored, you can not take it for granted that it only limited in that part, if improperly nursing might developed into generalized vitiligo.

2. Sporadic vitiligo, the symptoms of this type of vitiligo are the main basis to distinguish it from generalized vitiligo. Many patients holds that the main representation of vitiligo is it distributed in many parts of the body, we can say that is generalized vitiligo, but in fact it is false, only if the total area of vitiligo not exceed 50% of the whole body is sporadic vitiligo. But sporadic vitiligo worsen, the area will expand, once it exceed 50%, that means sporadic vitiligo already developed into generalized vitiligo.

3. Generalized vitiligo distribute all over the body, the vitiligo exist in large patches. The generalized vitiligo can involved with many parts of the body besides very few vitiligo can exist in single, they always stretch into large scale, the shape of vitiligo is irregularly and with large area. The skin lesion of vitiligo patients always presented in symmetrically. If one side of the elbow have vitiligo, the other side also is the same situation. Generalized vitiligo always caused by the melanocyte damaged seriously, the eyebrows, head often get involved.

This is the simple introduction of the clinical features and presentations of vitiligo.


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