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The Main Symptoms of Vitiligo Patients

the main symptoms of vitiligoThe main symptoms of vitiligo patients is the skin and hair become white, have no scaling, peeling, pruritus and hurting symptoms.

The vitiligo also called leucoderma, leuco means white and derma means skin, the skin lesion ares are the pure white circular or irregular shape pigment loss symptoms, the surface are smooth, the boundary are very clear, the pigment is increase in the edge of vitiligo, the white spots are allergic to the sunlight than normal skin, it will become white just in touch with the sunlight, the disease cause is relatively longer, it will expand to the normal skin and merged into a larger patch of vitiligo, when it reach to certain degree, it will stopped develop.

The common sites of vitiligo are face, neck, arms, legs, waist, abdomen and back all are the parts with many sweat glands, in the spring and summer it developed faster. Generally speaking, the skin lesion have no self conscious feelings life pain and itchy, a few vitiligo patients feel itch, it means the skin lesion part have the increase tendency. Once the vitiligo patients have cold, negative emotion or they suffer from the external stimulation cause their endocrine function disorder, their immunity decrease, their vitiligo will continue spread.

The number of the vitiligo is uncertain, generally speaking, the localized vitiligo with fewer white spots, it mainly concentrated in the parts of their body. The segmental vitiligo patients their vitiligo distribute in certain nerve segment. With their vitiligo developing, the number of the white spots in their body will increasing, the adjacent vitiligo will merged into large irregular white patches and generalized to the whole body.

The vitiligo on the early stage have fewer white hair symptoms, if their vitiligo do not controlled timely, their hair can become white even loss. The vitiligo on the early stage usually with the size of fingernail or coin, the shape of vitiligo often present nearly irregular or oval, sometimes their vitiligo is dot shaped depigmentation spots, the boundary of vitiligo often circled with pigment belt, most vitiligo patients at early stage with smaller size, there are very few vitiligo patients in the early stage will spread very fast and quickly developed into generalized vitiligo, their vitiligo also can spread all over the body.

Their vitiligo condition changes with the color of their white spots changes, the vitiligo on the early stage always present shallow white and slowly developed into cloudy white, pure white, porcelain white. The vitiligo on the early stage have dark red inflammatory bump in the edge of their new vitiligo, it can continue several weeks, for the vitiligo on the early stage with unclear boundary and have no pigment increase sometimes very hard to distinguish. The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital indicates that the color of vitiligo in the same site might also different, some present three color from inside to outside respectively white, gray white and near normal skin.

Vitiligo patients can found white spots in their skin, but the skin in this part are maintain the normal structure, the patients in this part have no itch or other symptoms. The symptoms of vitiligo in the exposed areas such as hands, legs, arms, face, mouth and other parts will more obvious. Their are some sites easy to have vitiligo such as under the armpits, around the mouth, eyes, nose, navel, private parts and so on.


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