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The Three stages of Vitiligo

three stages of vitiligoVitiligo is a disease influence our mental and physical health, it caused by the melanin pigment loss, in the vitiligo developing process, there are different symptoms. So vitiligo patients should learn about the development stage of vitiligo development to avoid delaying treatment. There are three stages in the vitiligo development process, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the three stages of vitiligo development.

1. The onset of vitiligo on the early stage.

The vitiligo on the early stage have fewer white spots, the area of white spots is also not huge, if the vitiligo patients at early stage treat their vitiligo timely will get better treatment effects. In fact most of the vitiligo on the early stage have great chance to be cured.

2. Vitiligo on the development stage.

The vitiligo in that stage can develop quickly, the area of vitiligo will enlarged, the vitiligo with dot shape in the early stage will expand into a large scale, the vitiligo will gradually enlarged, the edge of vitiligo between normal skin is relatively unclear.

3. Vitiligo on the stable and recovery stage.

In this stage the area of white spots on the skin will no longer increase, there will no longer have new vitiligo on the skin, the edge of vitiligo is clear, there are no obvious boundary between the vitiligo and normal skin, but the vitiligo on this stage is relatively stable and also relatively fragile, if you do not take preventive measures or use improper treatment to treat your vitiligo, your vitiligo might continue develop. Generally speaking, the vitiligo in the illness condition in the winter is relatively stable, in the summer will develop relatively faster.

The number of vitiligo is uncertain, it can limited in certain part of the skin or certain nerve segments, there are very few vitiligo can disappeared by itself. Most of vitiligo patients there vitiligo always gradually increased, the adjacent vitiligo can merged into large patches and generalized to all body.

All in all, the vitiligo developing period includes early stage, developing stage, recovery stage. No matter which stage the patients in, they need to positively treat their vitiligo and pay attention to do the health care for their skin to avoid worsen their vitiligo.


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