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Specific Symptoms of Vitiligo in the Early Stage

specific symptoms of vitiligoVitiligo is skin disease, it’s symptoms in the early stage is not very obvious which cause many patients delayed their disease and finally cause them lost the best treatment time. According to the reproductive conditions of virus, the medical field conclude it into three stages. The the early stage, the middle stage, the late stage. The vitiligo patients in the middle and late stages their skin tissue was infected in large scale, the vitiligo spread all over the body and with many complications. So what the symptoms of vitiligo in the early stage?

1. The hair of the skin.

According to the clinical research, the vitiligo in the early stage have no much influence to the hair of the skin, there are few condition that the hair become white, but if their vitiligo condition is not urged, will cause their virus regenerated quickly, their hair on the skin also will gradually lost their color and become white. The early stage of vitiligo is only the size of fingernail, it distribute relatively concentrated, so it is not very easy to make the patients noticed. So if the patients have white patches on their skin, they need go to a specialized vitiligo hospital to diagnose weather it is vitiligo or not.

2. The color of white patches.

The color of vitiligo in different stages are different and will worsen with the time went by. The color of vitiligo in the early stage have no obvious difference with the normal skin color, it is present shallow white, but with their vitiligo development, the color of vitiligo can changed into milk white, cloud white even become porcelain white. This point often mentioned in the pathogenesis. So in the early stage of vitiligo onset, the edge of vitiligo is red, swelling and inflammatory, after several weeks later it can disappeared, so many vitiligo patients hard to distinguish their vitiligo and cause their vitiligo expand.

3. The number of vitiligo.

The vitiligo onset in the early stage have uncertain white spots, the number of vitiligo in the part of their body is much lesser, the vitiligo concentrate in part of their body. Segmental vitiligo concentrate in certain nerve segment, the number of vitiligo is relatively less. With the vitiligo worsen, the number if vitiligo will gradually increase, the original vitiligo distribute in the dot shape will gradually merged into large scale and gradually spread all over the body. The vitiligo have vitiligo generalized all over the body, they must go to see the doctor as early as possible.

4. The distribution of vitiligo.

Vitiligo in the early stage often distribute concentrate, with the virus generation, the vitiligo will appear continued. Vitiligo in the early stage will distribute on the exposed areas of the skin, the vitiligo on the head often distribute on the face.


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