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How Does Vitiligo Start on the Hands

vitiligo on handsVitiligo is a skin disease easy to spread all over the body, it start always start on the exposed areas easy bask in the sunshine such as head, arms, legs, hands, feet, face, lips and so on. The pigment loss of some vitiligo only appear in the very small area. Segmental vitiligo only appear on the single side of the body, but most of the vitiligo patients their vitiligo belongs to generalized vitiligo, their vitiligo can spread all over their body, some vitiligo distribute symmetrically. But vitiligo spread into the serious state will damage our eye sight even induce serious complications such as cataract. So vitiligo patients must known some knowledge about their disease. In this article I’d like to make a brief introduction about how does vitiligo start on the hands.

The symptoms of vitiligo on hands in the early stage.

Vitiligo on hands is the most common type, the symptoms of vitiligo on hands can concluded into these features. The common onset sites of vitiligo often appear on the exposed areas, friction areas. The vitiligo on the early stage often have no self conscious feelings such as itching and hurting, the surface of vitiligo are smooth and have no peeling phenomenon. The main symptoms of vitiligo are the color of vitiligo is shallow white, the shape of vitiligo is circular, oval or irregular shape, gently rub the white spots, there have no changes on the vitiligo while the skin around the vitiligo turn red.

How to treat vitiligo on the hands at early stage.

There are many treatments about vitiligo, but according to the causes and individual difference of vitiligo patients, the treatments also different, we suggest vitiligo patients go a the regular medical institutions to comprehensively diagnose and treat their vitiligo, let the specialist to make the treatment plan suit for their vitiligo condition. Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease, the treatment course is relatively longer than other diseases, so the vitiligo patients should patiently face their vitiligo, they need to keep good life habits and face their vitiligo optimistically.

What I mentioned above are the basic introduction about the symptoms of vitiligo on hands at early stage. The specialist of vitiligo suggest vitiligo patients should learn more information about vitiligo in their daily life to find their vitiligo earlier and treat their vitiligo earlier.


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