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Questions and Answers About Vitiligo

questions and answers about vitiligoVitiligo is a commons stubborn skin disease, the incidence rate of vitiligo is rising in recent years, the vitiligo is more and more familiar in our life. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the frequently asked questions and answers about vitiligo for your reference. The more vitiligo patients know about vitiligo, the better the can find a way to cure their vitiligo, wish vitiligo patients get some knowledge about their disease through this article.

1. What the relationship between halo nevus and vitiligo?

Halo nevus is one type of vitiligo, halo nevus and vitiligo might coexist in vitiligo patients, generalized vitiligo halo nevus with the highest incidence rate.

2. Why it is necessary for vitiligo patient to treat their vitiligo timely after they have vitiligo?

Vitiligo first will endanger the social contact of vitiligo patients, if it not treated timely will make the vitiligo patients with heavy mental burden, anxious, think too much and impatient, it will in turn worsen the development of vitiligo and if it continues for a very long time, it might worsen their vitiligo.

3. Does vitiligo related to seasons?

Generally speaking, vitiligo incidence rate in summer is higher than in winter, many people back from a traveling will have vitiligo, so vitiligo patients should take good care of their skin in summer to prevent over exposure to the sunlight, reduce the occurrence chance of vitiligo.

4. Features of vitiligo skin lesion?

Vitiligo might happened all over your body, it often appeared in areas easy exposed in the sunlight, the vitiligo is often in the size of coin and later expand, the edge of vitiligo is very clear, the center of vitiligo present island shape melanin pigment dots, the other kind is distribute along the pigment belt.

5. How to clinical classify the types of vitiligo for?

Localized type: vitiligo sporadically distributed, single area only with the size of several centimeters. Generalized type: integrated shape, the area of vitiligo is large, the distribution area is large, the cause of the disease is longer. Segmental type: distributed along the nerve. Mix type: it mixed with the types mentioned above.

6. Does vitiligo patients need to test their blood?

In the late stage, most of the vitiligo patients will have anemia phenomenon, the white blood cells and platelet will decreased correspondingly, so test blood is very necessary to diagnose vitiligo patients to find out the abnormal phenomenon in the blood, find out the causes can largely increase the cure rate.

7. How to judge the vitiligo on elderly person?

People above 45 years old will have pigment loss patches in small size, it called medical vitiligo in medical, it often occurred in trunk, arms, legs, thighs. With small size, will not expand. This kind of vitiligo with clear edge in the shape of circular, the numbers of vitiligo is from several to doubles is not certain, it not belong to vitiligo.

8. The difference between sweat stains and vitiligo?

Sweat stains also called tinea versicolor, it is a kind of fungus disease. The skin lesion is often in the color of light white in the shape of circular or oval dots with unclear boundary, there are many scale rudiments in the surface, under the microscopic, you can see the fungus onset site most in the area with more sweat glands. Vitiligo do not have the same symptoms.

9. What are the common location sites of vitiligo?

In the face, neck, waist, back of toes, perineum, anal opening areas, one of the reason is these areas easy exposed to the sunlight, friction areas long term contracted and blocked the it micro circulation, local damaged. The passageway of intermediate materials were locked.

10. How to distinguish the development stage, stable stage and improving stage?

Development stage: the number of vitiligo increased and more towards to the normal skin, the boundary of vitiligo is not clear and sometimes will feel itch and hurt. Stable stage: vitiligo stop spreading, the boundary of vitiligo is clear, the color of pigment in the boundary is deepen. Development stage: the pigment is clear and deepen in the boundary, the vitiligo shrink inside, there are pigment belt around the island. The number of vitiligo gradually decreased.


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