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How Long Need to Treat Vitiligo

how long need to treat vitiligoVitiligo is a long term skin disease, it have not much harm but hard to treat easy to relapse. Vitiligo often have no self consciousness such as itching and hurting feelings, it normally damage the appearance of vitiligo patient and make them suffer from huge mental pressure, so the vitiligo patients most care about is how long need to cure vitiligo, how long treatment can make them see the treatment effects and how much money they need to spend to treat their vitiligo.

There are 6 factors can influence the treatment time of vitiligo.

1. One is the size of vitiligo.

If the vitiligo with the size of fingernail or rice granular and distribute in the shape of dots, the treatment time is generally 3 to 10 months; if there are only one patches of vitiligo on the body in the size of the hand palm, it only need 8 to 14 months to cure it; if the size of vitiligo is about 2 to 3 hand palm, it need about 10 to 16 months to treat; if the size is much larger, distributed all over the body, it need to take at least two years to treat.

2. The sites of vitiligo.

Vitiligo on face is easier to treat than vitiligo on other sites. The following is head, neck, back, front chest, hands, feet, mucosal sites. The arms and legs will need longer time to treat and the cure rate is much lower than other parts. If the hair in the head turn white, if the hair color is black and white mixed together, is easier to restore the color than the hair totally turn white. The vitiligo on eyebrow is easier to treat than the vitiligo on eyelashes.

3. The vitiligo onset time.

If the vitiligo onset time is 3 months, it need about 3 to 10 months to cure; if the vitiligo onset time is 4 months to 3 years, it need about 6 months to 2 years to cure; if the vitiligo onset time is above 4 years, they need about 1 to four years to cure their vitiligo.

4. Ages.

The treatment effects of teenagers and children is better than mild aged and elderly, if the vitiligo patients at early stage, their treatment effects have not obviously difference. The mild and late stage patients will have difference treatment effects because of ages.

5. Individual difference.

Mental state, life habit also can influence the treatment effects, patients with food bias, addicted to the wines and cigarettes, loves snacks beverages, their vitiligo need a longer time to treat and with poorer treatment effects. Keep a good mental state is helpful for their vitiligo treatment, people with good mental state their treatment effects is better than those patients long term depressed, insomnia. The patients with weight problem and poor skin complexion their vitiligo is more difficult to treat.

6. Types of skin lesion.

The cure rate of Localized vitiligo with small size is reach to 96%; the nerve segmental vitiligo cure rate is reach to 98%, but this type vitiligo need treat longer time to see the treatment effects. Because this type of vitiligo totally lose it’s pigment cells, so the treatment of this type of vitiligo need to cooperate with autologus epidermal cell transplantation surgery; sporadic vitiligo with larger skin lesion, the vitiligo distribute along the joints, arms and legs with unstable disease state is harder to treat. The generalized vitiligo is the most difficult type to treat, the cure rate is lower than 5%.

The factors of vitiligo are many and relatively complex, the treatment effects will influenced by many factors, one treatment or one medicine can not cure every vitiligo patients, so weather vitiligo patients can get good treatment effects it depends on the responsibility and medical ethics of the doctors.


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