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What is Segmental Vitiligo

segmental vitiligoVitiligo is a kind of common skin disease, the symptoms of vitiligo is white patches in skin, teenager is the high risk population of vitiligo, the edge of vitiligo skin lesion is very clear, the shape of vitiligo is round, oval, irregular and so on, it can occur in any part of our body. Especially the symptoms of segmental vitiligo, so what is segmental vitiligo? How to diagnose it? In this article, I’d like to make some relevant introductions about vitiligo for your reference.

What is segmental vitiligo?

Segmental vitiligo is a kind of localized melanin pigment loss skin disease, the teenage and middle age group are the high risk population easy involved by this disease. The vitiligo skin lesion is white patches with clear boundary. The shape of segmental vitiligo are circular, oval or irregular. It can happen in other part of body. The patients have no self conscious feelings such as itching or hurting feelings, it can not damage their health but it have great influence to their appearance, the segmental vitiligo patients suffered from huge mental burden to their mind. A few vitiligo can disappeared by itself. Moreover, mental factor, sunburn, external injuries and other factors might also induce or worsen this disease.

What foods segmental vitiligo patients can eat and how to diagnose their vitiligo?

In the clinical treatment, the symptoms of segmental vitiligo is the lighter one in all types of vitiligo, if segmental vitiligo patients want to cure their vitiligo, they need to have some knowledge about it, in the follow article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about it for your reference.

1. Segmental vitiligo have slower disease course:

The clinical symptoms of segmental vitiligo can happened in any age groups, the disease course is relatively slower than other type of vitiligo.

2. The symptoms of vitiligo in early stage :

The color of vitiligo is relatively shallow, it present as light white, with the disease developed, the color began deepen, and finally will present pure white.

3. Common sites of segmental vitiligo:

It present as the limited pigment loss patches with different sizes, the color of pigment around the vitiligo is gradually deepen, the number of vitiligo is uncertain with clear boundary, the hair or fine hair around this area can turn white, it have no self conscious like feel itching or feel hurting, it can happened in any part of the body, but most occur in hands, face, neck, sometimes the skin lesion distributed in the shape of segmental or belt.

Segmental vitiligo patients how to adjust their diet.

Avoid eating pungent, stimulating, spicy foods, avoid wines, cigarettes, eating less foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus, oranges, apples, lemons and so on.


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