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Why is Vitiligo Itchy?

why vitiligo is itchyVitiligo is a acquired pigment loss skin disease, it caused by the tyrosinase activity in the skin and hair follicle decreased and induce the melanin pigment body synthesis decreased or disappeared and finally make the occurrence of vitiligo, why some vitiligo feel itch at their skin lesion? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about why is vitiligo itchy.

In normal condition, there are itching feeling in the vitiligo skin lesion areas, if there are inflammatory reaction is only limited to have some symptoms like burning, red patches, blister and so on after over exposed to the sunlight. This is because their skin lack of melanin pigments and can not block the irradiation of ultraviolet rays and induce the vitiligo in the skin lack of melanin pigments. If there are no other factors influence and vitiligo patients feel itching in their skin lesions that often means their illness state is still spreading.

The vitiligo often treated by the external used drug, this kind of drug often have photo toxicity and photo sensitiveness, after irradiated by the ultraviolet ray make the medicine stimulate the skin and cause subclinical inflammation finally induce the melanophore produce melanin pigments.

Because the exist of inflammatory, the vitiligo in that stage will feel itching at part of the vitiligo, this itching feeling happened after the treatment is normal reaction, that does not means the vitiligo enlarged, in that condition, vitiligo patients, vitiligo patients have no need to worry about that.

Some vitiligo patients have itching feeling because of allergic reaction, this condition is common in vitiligo treatment, it is a serious treatment error, if it is not handled timely, it very likely worsen their vitiligo, the happen of this problem is because the patient with allergic physical condition, if the doctor do not known about this before treat the patient, it might cause the medicines they prescribed contains compositions might cause the patients have allergic reaction, for vitiligo patients, if that   some vitiligo patients feel itching because of they are using photo sensitiveness medicine, the main effect of this medicine is to greatly improve the activity of skin cell and melanin pigment to produce more melanin pigment through the sunlight irradiation. After use this kind of medicine, vitiligo patients should strictly follow the doctor’s instruction to bask in the sun or it is very easy for them to get sunburn, usually after sunburn, their skin lesion will first feel hurting and then feel itching and finally appear the peeling phenomenon.

There are some of vitiligo patients have special constitution, after they use the medicine, they will have peeling phenomenon but after this phenomenon, the new skin after peeling often have obvious improvements.


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