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Some Common Senses of Vitiligo

some common senses of vitiligoIn this article, I'd like to introduce some common senses about vitiligo for your reference. Does vitiligo patients can intake too much vitamin C? The second is does vitiligo is a kind of contagious disease? In this article, I'd like to explain it clearly.

1. Dose it is good for vitiligo patient intake too much vitamin C?

Our life can not without fruits, we all know there are many fruits can supply some nutrition to our body, the fruits if very good to our health. But for some vitiligo patients, some fruits are not good to their illness state such as citrus, grapefruits and so on, we want to known the reason why it is not good to our health, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of it to you and wishing you get a better understanding about that and if you have vitiligo, you must pay attention to your dietary, try to eat less foods rich in vitamin C.

In the pathogen of vitiligo, we mentioned about the melanin pigment cells can not synthesized because of the tyrosinase was obstructed and finally form the vitiligo in our boy. There are most fruits in our dietary contains vitamin C such as citrus, grapefruits, tomatoes, lemons, kiwifruits and other fruits rich in vitamin C. Certain amount of vitamin C can promote the synthesis of melanin pigment cells, but when it reached a certain amount, it will opposite to what we wished, will interrupt the formation of tyrosinase in the process of melanin pigment cell’s synthesis and form new vitiligo or worsen the spread of vitiligo, that’s why we want vitiligo patients eat less foods rich in vitamin C in their dietary.

At the same time, experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo hospital suggest vitiligo patients insist on eating nuts, avoid or eat less seafood, spicy and pungent foods such as hot pot, mutton, dog meat, abstain wines, cigarettes, keep a reasonable diet.

There are many foods good for vitiligo patients such as lean meat like pork, chicken, beef and so on. You can eat more beans such as soya bean, mung bean, jumble beads, black soya bean, bean milk, cow milk, bird’s eggs like quail egg, duck egg and so on. Avoid eating fishes, shellfish.

Avoid over exposure to the sunlight, strengthen physical exercise, enhance your immunity.

2. Dose we contagious with vitiligo if you associate with vitiligo patients?

Most of people will scared when they heard about vitiligo, because the name of this disease in Chinese contains some not good meaning, they scared about vitiligo is just like they sacred about epilepsy, that’s is why we have some bad associations when we first heard about this disease, even most people have resistance psychology to vitiligo patients, they think vitiligo is a kind of infectious disease. So what is vitiligo? Does vitiligo is a kind of contagious disease? I’d like to make a brief introduce of this disease to you.

Vitiligo is just a skin disease, it have the symptoms of have white spots on our skin, this kind of white spot have it’s own features, without self-conscious such as you can not feel hurting or itching, have no dander, if you press this part with your finger it can not turn red but after it exposed to the sunlight it can turn red.

Vitiligo is also a kind of disease easy to relapse and hard to treat, it can be a small white dot, but if you do not do a good job in treat it spreading timely, it can reduce into white patches. Because vitiligo have different stages and different types, if you do not treat it timely, it can reduced into a more serious type.

But vitiligo is only a kind of skin disease, is a kind of cosmetic skin disease, have no influence to your body, can not influence our normal life, study and work, have no infection feature, we must make clear of this.

Vitiligo is a kind of disease can cured completely, so the vitiligo patients can not lose their hearts, only they insist in treating, can their vitiligo cured finally. Wishing everyone have vitiligo will have a speedy recovery.


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