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The Difference Between Vitiligo and White Patches on Skin

what is the difference between vitiligo and white patchesWhat is the difference between vitiligo and white patches? This is the question vitiligo patients should learn about. The vitiligo experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital pointed out do a good job in vitiligo diagnosis is very important, so vitiligo patients should learn to judge their own illness state, follow the principle of early found early treatment, make the vitiligo patients a speedy recovery. I’d like to introduce the difference between vitiligo and white patches in this article.

There are several differences between vitiligo and white patches, the vitiligo in the initial stage decolorization degree is light and the boundary between the normal skin surrounded it is unclear, if this situation occurred in people with withe skin, it is often hard to diagnose it timely, you observe your skin lesion carefully, if the the surface of your skin lesion is smooth and have no scurf, the color of your skin lesion present shallow white or milky white, if the boundary is unclear and gradually expended to the normal skin, you have great chance to have vitiligo.

The second differences between vitiligo and white patches is vitiligo is a common skin disease caused by epidermal skin pigment loss, there might have several white spots with different sizes and shapes appear in our skin, such as in the shape of circular and ellipse with clear boundary, the pigment in the edge is relatively deepen. Modern research indicates the vitiligo not only have symptoms in skin, but also will involved eyes and ears and so on, this disease can occurred in every age, gender and races, it incidence rate in normal people occupied about 1% to 2%, in recent years have the increasing tendency, even younger.

The third differences between vitiligo and white patches is the vitiligo is easy to appear in the white patches disease easy to occur in the skin fold area and exposed area, the biggest harm it brought at present is it seriously influence the patient’s appearance. It often have no self conscious such as itching, hurting feelings, even it have, often it is very light, the number of depigmentated white patches are often very few, normally only one to two patches, and most of it appeared in the exposed skin, except for pigment loss symptom, there are no difference between normal skin, have no inflammatory, loss scurf or shrink symptoms, if you have no other skin disease you should first consider it as initial stage vitiligo.

The difference between vitiligo and white patches is the number of white spots are uncertain, it often limited in certain part of our skin or distributed in certain nerve segment, there are few cases show that the white spots disappeared by it self, most of the cases shows the vitiligo gradually enlarged, the adjacent vitiligo can integrated into each other and formed irregular patches and finally generalized to whole body. There are many white spot diseases such as vitiligo, albinism, leucoderma, sweat stain, chromophytosis, white rich chaff and so on.

If you have white patches on your skin, it not necessary is vitiligo. Vitiligo is a chronic stubborn skin disease, it can induce many other diseases such as pernicious anemia, psoriasis, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases, so you must follow the principle of early found, early treatment.

Vitiligo patients should learn more common senses about vitiligo, learn to differentiate their illness state, according to their own illness state to treat vitiligo according to it’s symptoms. Moreover, the mental state is also have great influence to vitiligo. So vitiligo patients in the treatment period also should pay attention to adjust their mood state, bravely face the illness,insist scientific treatment.


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