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What is the Difference Between Vitiligo and Albinism

what the difference between vitiligo and albinismWhat is the Difference Between Vitiligo and Albinism? Different skins have different symptoms, because skin diseases shares some commons, but how we differentiated the vitiligo and albinism? In this article, I’d like to introduce it briefly to you and wishing it could help you.

Vitiligo is a kind of localized or generalized melanin pigment loss disease, it is also a common skin disease, the genetic factor also can cause it occur. The main pathogens of vitiligo is the autoimmunity system disorder, endocrine system disorder, genetic factor or external irritations infect, it might induced by the several inciting factors interacted with each other. The vitiligo can spread to whole body, the color of the vitiligo also can deepened.

Albinism is a skin disease caused by the loss of melanin pigment in skin and it’s accessory organs, it’s a common skin disease and also a genetic disease. The main pathogen of albinism is own congenital lack of tyrosinase or tyrosinase function decreased and cause the obstruction of melanin pigment synthesis. The symptoms of albinism is it will generalized to the whole body, the skin, hair even the eyes will become white.

Both vitiligo and albinism influenced by genetic factors, the whole body might become white, but what the difference between vitiligo and albinism?

First, the causes of vitiligo and albinism are different. Albinism mainly influenced by genetic factors, vitiligo also might influenced by genetic factors, occupied about 80% in all factors might induce vitiligo, the external irritations also occupied a large portion.

Second, the morbidity of the situation is different. Albinism is a disease caused by the whole body lack of melanin pigment and finally lead to the skin present the color of milky white or pink, the color of the hair become light, or show yellow. The ranges and color change of vitiligo is changed with the illness state worsen, the initial of vitiligo is one or two shallow white patches, the range is relatively small, with the illness state development, the color gradually deepened, the range of vitiligo gradually enlarged.

The treatment process is also different. Because the pathology of albinism still remain uncleared, so when you treat albinism, besides treat albinism according to it’s symptoms, you have no other choice but mainly to prevent, take measures to protect your eyes and skin free from the injures of the ultraviolet ray. The pathology of vitiligo is basically determined through clinical research, so the treatments of vitiligo included external application, oral administration, laser and other treatments, it have the chance to be cured.


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