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Acral Vitiligo Symptoms and Treatments

acral vitiligo symptoms and treatmentsBecause the acral vitiligo easy to appear in the body of acromegaly, often in the exposed areas have great influence to the appearance of the patients. Because most people very care about their appearance, so the vitiligo patients often feel self-abased or scared, followed by these feelings, their work and romantic relationship seriously damaged by these aspects. So the vitiligo patients should come to a specialized vitiligo hospital to systematical treat their vitiligo. So what symptoms and treatments of vitiligo? In this article, I’d like to make a introduction of acral vitiligo symptoms and treatments to you for your reference.

1. Acral vitiligo in the initial stage have shallow color in their skin lesions, it relatively easy to be ignored by patients with whither skin. The number of vitiligo is only a few and most of the vitiligo appeared in the exposed areas without self conscious feelings like hurt or itch feelings.

2. The acral vitiligo often distribute symmetrically, there are many vitiligo distribute along the nerve segments. In addition to the skin lesions, part of the mucosa also involved, also can cause part of the hair become white. Very few vitiligo can auto disappeared, most of the patients with acral vitiligo, their vitiligo will increasing with the time goes by even will generalized to whole body. So the acral vitiligo patients once have vitiligo, they should go to a specialized vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo as soon as possible.

The treatments of acral vitiligo patients.

The acral vitiligo treatments need to treated according to the stages of vitiligo developments, avoid taking medicine blindly, the vitiligo in the developing stage should treat give priority to within, adjust immune function, nerve endocrine function of our body, if the patients have other internal medicine disease such as thyroid disease, diabetes disease, liver disease and so on. You should treat these disease at the same time.

The vitiligo patients in the developing stage should avoid over exposed to the sunlight in case it will worsen the burden of melanophore, lead it to increase the toxic products of the melanin metabolism and aggravated the melanophore self destruction. Vitiligo also should use external medicine with strong irritations avert produce the local irritation reaction to damage the melanophore and worsen the immune disorder and finally cause the develop and extend of vitiligo.

Acral vitiligo patients need to pay attention to keep a good mood, the acral vitiligo is relatively stubborn type in all kinds of vitiligo, the vitiligo in the acral the blood circulation is poor in that area, it easy to make the medicine absorbed not well. The acral vitiligo treatments also need pay attention to adjust their mental adjust, the treatment course is relatively longer than other disease, so avoid negative emotions.


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