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What are the Symptoms of Vitiligo

vitiligo symptomThe common symptoms of vitiligo

Pigment abnormalities, no pigmentary lesions, depigmentation.

Vitiligo symptoms

1. Symptoms

Vitiligo on the skin have the symptoms of epidermal skin melanophore and melanin granules obviously decreased or lack. The the basal layer dopa staining positive melanocyte decreased or disappeared. According to the mild or urgent of the disease onset or the courses of the disease, we can divided it into slow develop type and quick develop type, this disease often is slow develop type.

2. signs

Every one might have this disease no matter which gender or races he or she belongs to, the incidence rate is different in different areas, different races and different color of skin. Generally speaking, people with darker skin have higher incidence rate, the incidence rate in America is lower than 1%, in India is up to 4%, in China is about 0.1%-0.2%. The gender show no difference in it, all ages might have this disease but the teenager occupy the most, people under 20 years old occupy about 50% among it. The vitiligo can occur in any part of the body, skin lesion is local depigmental patches, often in pure white also can be shallow pink, the surface is smooth and without rash. The vitiligo edge is clear, the pigment in the increased, the hair in the vitiligo can be normal also can be white. The vitiligo easy to occur in the areas exposure to the sunlight and friction lesion such as face, upper leg, neck, forearm and back of hands, waist, abdomen, sacrococcygeal region, oxter and private parts, elbow joints and so on are all easy parts to occur vitiligo, skin lesion often distribute symmetrically. The vitiligo often distribute along nerve segment or dermatomere in the shape of strip, this kind is unilateral onset vitiligo. Except skin lesion, the labia, lips, glans penis and wrapping the media mucosa also often involved. The vitiligo can also generalized to all your body, but retina, choroid, pia mater melanin mot involved. Sometimes after exposed to the sunlight there might have pigment regenerated in the vitiligo area; in the winter, there are pigment decreased in the vitiligo center or edge. About 20% vitiligo patients very sensitive to the ultra violet ray, their vitiligo will spread very fast after exposed to the sunlight. The mechanical stimulation such as needling, scratching, the pressure on the skin such as tights and hermia joe and other local stimulate such as burn, infection, sunburn, frostbiting, radioactive rays all can make the patient’s normal skin appear vitiligo make the original vitiligo expand, even appear isomorphic reaction generalized to the whole body. The number of vitiligo is different, can change a litter or regress but most cases shown that the vitiligo gradually increased or expand, the adjacent vitiligo integrated with each other formed into irregular large patches even generalized to the whole body. This disease often have no self-conscious symptoms, a few vitiligo patients have local itching feeling before or at the same time of the disease onset. The vitiligo often accompany with other autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal insufficiency, pernicious anemia, rheumatic arthritis, sclerema adultorum, atopic dermatitis, pelada and so on.

The surface temperature and perspiration in the skin lesion surface can increase. Often accompany with diabetes, pernicious anemia, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease, primary adrenal insufficiency and so on.


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