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Man With Vitiligo

Vitiligo,Vitiligo SymptomsWith the increasing of the incidence of vitiligo, the number of male suffering from vitiligo is also increasing. Male patients with vitiligo treatment has become a common concern of many patients with vitiligo.

Many male patients with vitiligo do not understand why it happened on them and male patients with vitiligo do not has a clear defination about the symptoms of vitiligo, they simply think that the white patches is the occurrence of vitiligo. Well, how to diagnose male vitiligo?

How to Diagnosis Man’s vitiligo

1, regular inspection

For the early diagnosis of vitiligo, there are a lot of diagnostic methods, but it must through a regular inspection to determine what factors led to the occurrence of vitiligo, if once confirmed, it should be promptly to the official hospital in order to get a system treatment, so as to prevent the proliferation of vitiligo which caused more damage.

2, observe the easy exposure and friction parts

The first biggest feature of the vitiligo is easy to spread. If the treatment is taking timely , it is easy to spread to other places, the easiest parts to spread is the face and sun exposure and easy to friction parts, thus, the early diagnosis of vitiligo is necessary in rder to timely and effective curel the disease.

3, leukoplakia status

In addition to depigmentation, the pigmentation of the skin is same with the surrounding skin, there is no itching, scaling or atrophy changes are found in early diagnosis of vitiligo. In the absence of other skin diseases the vitiligo should be the the first consideration .

Dietary factors

1,Male patients with vitiligo during the treatment process must pay attention to diet, vitiligo patients try not avoide the spicy food, such as spicy hot pot; do not eat high vitamin content of food, such as tomatoes, kiwi, etc.; don't eat seafood, lamb etc., these are the food which easily aggravate the symptoms of white patches , it is recommended that the majority of vitiligo patients should pay attention to these food , thus contribute to the treatment of male white spots.

2,Emotional factors

Emotions is a very important factor for male vitiligo patients. In life Patients with vitiligo must pay attention to maintain the stability of the mood, do not occur the great mood swings and fluctuations. In addition, patients with vitiligo should’t keep long time pessimistic and depressed, disappointed, depressed mood, it is easy to cause the white patches diffusion which is not conducive to treatment of male vitiligo.

3 Smoking, drinking and other factors.

In life, Male should pay attention to their own living habits, as far as possible prevent to smoke, drink, because tobacco contains a large number of chemical constituents, thus the male vitiligo produce certain stimuli which is disadvantageous to get a better and faster treatment, even aggravate the patient's condition.

How to treat the vitiligo

Stage: vitiligo has three development period, early, progress, and stability. In early,Vitiligo white patches area is small, and pigment damage is just one to two percent, relatively easy to recover, the early high rate of up to 98.7%, progression period of vitiligo, white patches begain to spread out , the pigment damaged is more than half, rate is 78.32%, stable peroid of vitiligo , the white patches has stop spreading around , and the pigment damaged rate is 31.24%. Therefore, patients with vitiligo should treat it timely.

Classification: vitiligo is divided into male and female patients and children vitiligo, . . We all know that adult physical body is the best in the peak in the life , the body has developed into mature, body function has completely complished, and the immunity and resistance are strong. At the same time, as a result of adult male relative to women, they need to face more challenges and pressure, work under pressure, family, social responsibility, inlong-term they have been facing the psychological pressure. For the treatment of male patients with vitiligo, so these factors must be considered during the treatment, so as to improve the rate of male vitiligo.

Type: vitiligo is divided into localized, sporadic, pan hair, segmental, and acral type, mixed type, systemic seven types. Each type of treatment program, the technique is different, with the previous classification has subversion of the traditional process of treatment of vitiligo, one side of the treatment program, greatly improving the rate of vitiligo and bring a hope of recovery to majority of patients .


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