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Female With Vitiligo

Vitiligo,Vitiligo SymptomsWomen are more concerned about their appearance, the incidence of vitiligo bring a great distress to women .The appearance of female patients with vitiligo is damaged, which seriously interferes with the normal life of the patients.

Symptoms of Female vitiligo

1, White spot on face presents light white, pure white, milky white. vitiligo symptoms of female face vitiligo patients presents face with white patches, the light white patches, with the development of the disease,it can turns into a pure white, milky white and facial white spots around the hair can also be white, and its unchangable.

2, The white spot will be integrated into a large white spot. vitiligo symptoms of Female face presents ; the white spots skin under the sunshine is more sensitive than normal skin, it turns red with little sunshine. If the white spot on Female’s face is not treated in time, it will gradually expand to the surrounding, it will integrate each other into a large white spot or stop spreading, enduring when it reaches to a certain extent.

3, White spot approximate shaped like round, oval or irregular. The main performance of facial vitiligo is facial Damaged skin of the female is white, approximately circular, oval or irregular depigmentation spots, smoothly surface, clear boundary, the edge of the pigment increased.

Causes of female vitiligo

1, Endocrine disorders

The situation of endocrine disorders is easier to happen to the woman than a man.resistibility of body which prevent with disease will be greatly reduced after endocrine disorders, easy to cause vitiligo disease. The study found that adult women are far more likely to have a disease than women who are not adult ,and the pregnant woman are more likely to suffer from endocrine disorders than the unpregnant woman . The woman with hyperthyroidism, diabetes and other endocrine diseases are more likely to carry the vitiligo than those in normal subjects.

2 , Cosmetic stimulation

Female use cosmetic ans skin care more than men . And most of the skin care products and cosmetics are mostly containing chemical composition, these chemical components will cause irritation to the skin, and induced vitiligo.

3 Unreasonable diet

Woman who Often eat fast foodwhich lead to malnutrition or partial eclipse stimulation, greasy, smoked, barbecue food is an important factors which cause the endocrine disorders, it will lead to the emergence of vitiligo.

4, Irregular rest

vitiligo have a certain relationship with work pressure,irregular rest and other factors, busy work, stay up late to work overtime, irregular work and rest often will induce endocrine disorders, it may induce vitiligo as well.

Famale Vitiligo phototherapy

Sigma phototherapy instrument is opreating by ultraviolet B (UVB) or long wave (UVA) band irradiation surface of the skin, stimulate the melanin cell function recovery, thus promoting the skin melanin granule cell regeneration; adjust the immune and neuroendocrine, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, improve blood micro circulation. And then make the skin turns from red to dark red and dark brown , and eventually the skin color turns normal. It is characterized by the use of convenience, the small side effect , the obvious treatment effect .


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