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Early Signs of Vitiligo

early signs of vitiligoIn this article, I’d like to talk about the early signs of vitiligo, I think it might the most concerned question for vitiligo patients, vitiligo is a common skin disease and it easily spread to whole your body that mainly because the early signs of vitiligo is always not obvious, distributed in the topical area have no uncomfortable feelings, so it was easily ignored and delayed by the patients and finally it will cause the disease worsen. So we must pay attention to the early signs of vitiligo. I’d like to introduce the early signs and it’s knowledge of vitiligo to you for your reference.

The early signs of normal vitiligo symptoms are the hair on the vitiligo area can be white, can be normal also can be white and black check, the therapeutic effects of the patients with white hair in the vitiligo area are relatively worse, after the vitiligo disappeared, the hair can turn black. After the sunshine, the skin in vitiligo area can become red, burning pain, blister, itch, the vitiligo can even spreading.

Except for this, the normal type vitiligo have smooth surface, no scales or scabs, the feeling and secretion function are normal. If you have normal type vitiligo, you must receive timely treatment, do not delay or treat it blindly, the normal type vitiligo worsen or turn into more serious vitiligo will hard to treat. You should treat your normal vitiligo in the normal hospital in it initial stage. The normal type vitiligo have shorter disease course, smaller scale, it is easier to treat and can make the vitiligo disappeared in very short time.

【the early symptoms of vitiligo】

Symptom one in the vitiligo initial stage is there will have some white spots with different sizes and shapes such as oval, circle, irregular shape; about the coin size, the size of the fingernails; the vitiligo edge can be seen clear and the surface is smooth.

Symptom two is the number of white patches in the vitiligo patients are very few, only one to two patches, with the disease development, the number of vitiligo will become more and more until spread to whole body.

Symptom three is have no phenomenon of scab or scurf, have no hurt or itch feeling, only a few patients have slight swelling or itch feeling after over exposure to the sunlight.

Symptom four is vitiligo most occurred in the exposed area, such as face, arms, legs, mouth and other parts, the initial vitiligo color is milky, with the disease development, the vitiligo color become cloudy white, porcelain white, pure white, there are many types of vitiligo, generally speaking, the vitiligo always symmetrical division, only segmental vitiligo distribute along nerve segment. No matter how it distribute, if the patient not found and check it timely, the vitiligo will spread to your whole body and developed into the generalized vitiligo, make the vitiligo hard to treat. Our experts remind that vitiligo will affect their appearance even pass on to the next generation even induce cataract, psoriasis and other disease, if the disease developed into a certain serious degree will decrease into skin cancer even endangered their lives.


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