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Vitiligo Improvement Signs

Vitiligo have great damage to our mental an physical health, this disease is not easy to treat, but the vitiligo patients can not afford to ignore the vitiligo treatment, after a period of treatment, there have some determine ways to judge whether the vitiligo have improved or not, how many signs can indicate the vitiligo get better? I think this is a central concern question by many vitiligo patients. Take it easy, in this article I’d like to detailed introduce this signs to you for your reference.

1. Have preliminary result

The preliminary result of vitiligo is that the white spots size will shrink from outside to inside, the color in the edge will gradually clear and a litter black than normal skin color and there will have small melanin black patches grown inside of the white spots this can prove the vitiligo get better.

2. Particularly effective

The most obvious sign to prove vitiligo improved is the size of black dots in the white spots gradually get bigger and bigger, a part of small size white spots will disappear, the larger scale white spots will shrink obviously.

3. Cured

If the vitiligo patients finally find the white spots on their skin completely disappeared, and the skin color in the lesion part is darker than the normal skin, this phenomenon is worth to happy, because this is enough to prove the vitiligo was cued, generally speaking, after three month the skin in this area will become normal.

If you get vitiligo, you not only need to cooperate with doctor in the treatment but also need to carefully observe your own illness condition, when you find your vitiligo get better, you should more confident about your disease and be patient to your treatment. If you need any help, our hospital can help you, because our hospital is a specialized vitiligo hospital, our hospital only treat one disease and have many years experience with many successful cases, combine the traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine to comprehensive treat vitiligo, not only treat white spots but also treat the vitiligo from it’s root. After 10-2 weeks treatment, you can see the effect, most of vitiligo patients come to our hospital cured. So our hospital can provide possible way to cure vitiligo.


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