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Ten Fruits That Vitiligo Patients Should Avoid

Ten Fruits That Vitiligo Patients Should Avoid,vitiligoIf you have long time vitiligo history, the doctors should have told you that the vitiligo patients should pay more attention on the diets, especially the vitamin C fruits. The vitamin C will worsen your vitiligo and cause the expansion of white patches.

The cause of vitiligo is the skin melanophores’ lack or loss of the capability of melamin synthesizing. So all factors should be avoided that can affect the metabolism of pigment. Vitamin C can prevent dopaquinone to synthesize pigment. In the same time, it allows the synthesized dopaquinone return back to dopa, stopping the pigment biosynthesis. On the other aspect, vitamin C affects the intestinal absorption of copper ion, which will also reduce the copper oxidase activity in blood serum, affecting tyrosinase activity.

Now we introduce you ten types of fruits that are rich of vitamin c.

1. Mango

2. Lemon

3. Orange

4. Grape

5. Apple

6. Strawberry

7. Pineapple

8. Tomato

9. Kivi

10. Cherry

There are too much fruits contain vitamin C, then what you can eat. There are 3 types of fruits you can eat like banana, watermelon, and pear. Those three types you can eat.

The fruits are an important part of vitiligo’s diet, and you should pay attention to. And the vitiligo patients should avoid alcohol and smoking that are really bad for you.

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