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Fruits For Vitiligo Patients

Fruits For Vitiligo Patients,vitiligoWe know that the diets are important for vitiligo patients. And the vitamin C will worse the white patches spread. And the fruits are rich of vitamins. And we should figure out what kinds of fruits are bad for your disease. Some of the fruits are good for you.

All most all fruits contain vitamins. But banana and pear are less. So those two types of fruits are good for you. And the other sour fruits are bad for you.

We know that the vitamin C is sour. So we should avoid the sour types of fruits and vegetables. The orange, lemon are obvious that you should know and you won’t eat. Grape, peach, strawberry also contain vitamins.

We should avoid the sour types of fruits. And the other types which may contain less. Actually, there is no absolute limitation on the diets. Just the most cases show that the fruits can worsen vitiligo. So if you really want eat some fruits, you can eat a little bit that won’t cause great influence.

And keep a easy mood is quit important. The effects can beyond your imagination.

It is a genetic disease, so some of the patients with family history. And it can occur any areas of your body. And it can spread to the other areas. The face and head are easy to show improvement firstly, then the trunk of your body, the arms and legs will show effect after arm and leg, finally are hand and feet, especially the toes and fingers.

It is related to the heart and blood circulation. The far away areas like fingers and toes from heart, the circulation is also slow.

So we should do more sports to increase your different areas of body’s blood circulation.

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