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Daily Diet Nursing Of Elderly Vitiligo

Daily Diet Nursing Of Elderly VitiligoAs we all known that the elderly relative to adults is more vulnerable groups, the elderly body is relatively poor, more susceptible to disease infestation and disease of vitiligo disease is capricious, give patients also bring more torture, so what is the elderly vitiligo diet nursing care ? Lets look the following information

1, the appropriate consumption of health care products

After a lot of people suffering from disease, are in the habit of health care products, the appropriate food is more beneficial, we cannot fill the body over the health care food appropriate is useful for elderly patients with vitiligo, but only health products are unable to treat the elderly vitiligo. Early is the best time for treatment of vitiligo, vitiligo treatment so the elderly should be promptly to the regular hospital into the scientific system, fundamental in the treatment of vitiligo, in order to achieve the purpose of cure, the elderly patients do not believe some of the non formal treatment, in order to avoid improper treatment aggravate vitiligo disease, after the treatment to increase the difficulty.

2, add protein

Patients with vitiligo best also need a lot more to add some protein, because vitiligo patients need protein, or more, is conducive to disease rehabilitation, elderly patients with vitiligo to add some more protein, due to the patient's diet for the supply of protein accounted for 15 ~ 17% of total calories as well and is mainly based on the high quality protein, such as lean meat, eggs, soy products and so on, these foods contain protein for human digestion and absorption, for patients with nutritional supplement is very useful.

3, avoid eating fried foods

Because of the fried food is very is not conducive to digestion, so the elderly patients also need to pay attention to eat less fried foods, in the elderly vitiligo treatment period, patients should avoid eating some fried foods, many elderly people at breakfast time likes to eat fried cake etc., this habit suggest you to make a change. First fried foods high fat content, gastrointestinal difficult to bear, but also easy to induce biliary and pancreatic diseases. The two is often repeated use of the oil has more carcinogenic substances, if often eat fried food, can increase the risk of cancer.

Elderly patients with vitiligo diet care, the contents of the above understanding. Hope you can seriously treat, positive good diet nursing, help the rehabilitation of the disease better, of course, elderly people in the daily life of the best also need to actively exercise, improve the quality of the body.


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