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Why Should Vitiligo Patients Avoid From Vitamin C Food

Why Should Vitiligo Patients Avoid From Vitamin C FoodAs we all known that recently, there are many people who are suffering from vitiligo, and it will be more and more people, medicine for the treatment of the disease there are many methods, but dermatologists need reminds patient friend for vitiligo this disease at the time of treatment should not only take the scientific method of treatment, in the diet also need to pay special attention to not cause cure, after period of time and recurrence of situation. Experts said that patients with vitiligo should eat less food containing vitamin C.

Vitiligo is a skin is a very common disease, it is primary skin depigmentation lesions, due to tyrosinase activity in skin and hair follicle melanocytes to reduce or disappear and the formation of limitations or pan hair of white patches.

Vitiligo patients should eat less vitamin C rich foods, otherwise, it will reduce the activity of tyrosinase, inhibit the formation of melanin. Therefore, the body's vitamin C content increased, is not conducive to the formation of melanin, the patient will be difficult to restore health. Therefore, patients with vitiligo should avoid eating vitamin C, also should eat more vitamin C rich Vegetable & Fruit. Patients with vitiligo to avoid excessive intake of vitamin C.

Correct and healthy diet is beneficial to the treatment of vitiligo. Secondly, the survey data show that the body's diet, if long-term lack of glutathione, can enhance the activity of tyrosinase in the skin.

Patients with vitiligo should eat less food containing vitamin C. Suffering from vitiligo, patients as far as possible to eat or not eat food containing glutathione rich, you can eat some eggplant, rape, carrots, celery, etc.. Fruit, eat more grapes, walnuts, apples and peanuts, sesame seeds and other nuts food


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