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Diet Care After Onset Of Vitiligo

Diet Care After Onset Of VitiligoAs we all known a fact that after the inducing of vitiligo disease, patients need to do a good job of care for the treatment of vitiligo has a good supporting role, especially diet care. how to do diet care after onset of vitiligo ?

Experts say it is normal to the human diet, diet irregular diet, health effects cause a variety of diseases. So patients need to have a healthy diet. And dietary intake of nutrients is also required for patients to pay attention to.

The partial eclipse picky easily lead to nutritional imbalance, resulting in physical function of patients with disorders, such as inadequate trace elements needed for patients in vivo synthesis of melanin, which easily lead to vitiligo, is not conducive to vitiligo treatment.

Diet should be light oriented. Spicy spicy food on the patient's skin will cause a lot of stimulation, this is not conducive to the treatment of vitiligo.

To reduce the intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C can hinder the synthesis of melanin, so excessive intake of vitamin C to patients for the treatment of harmful, vitamin C rich foods to eat less or not.

Vitiligo patients should eat some food containing copper rich, such as the snail, mussel, clam containing copper food, to supplement the lack of copper ions in the body, increase tyrosinase activity, promote the synthesis of melanin

Finally, vitiligo patients usually should eat more tyrosine and minerals, such as lean meat, animal liver, eggs, fresh vegetables, beans, beans, peanuts, black sesame, walnut and other foods. This type of food can promote the synthesis of melanin, the treatment of vitiligo has played a very good role.

Vitiligo patients on the diet need to pay attention to a lot, for example, can eat more food containing copper elements, contribute to the synthesis of melanin. But the patient does not need too much food, it is also easy to cause the partial eclipse picky eaters, but is not conducive to the treatment of vitiligo.


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