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Diet Induced triggers Of Vitiligo

Diet Induced triggers Of VitiligoAs we all known that there are various triggers which can induce the vitiligo, amoung these factors, the diet is very important.
So here are the diet induced factors :
1, excessive intake of vitamin C : vitamin C is reducing agent involved in tyrosine metabolism, inhibition of DOPA oxidation, enable the skin to form melanin reductive for colorless substance and the black pigment change into water soluble of glue like substance, which reduced the formation of melanin. Vitamin C is widely present in fruits, vegetables and some plant leaves. The content includes the rich fruits of muskmelon, grapefruit, papaya, strawberry, orange, orange, watermelon, jujube. Rich in vitamin C, grapefruit juice and juice, fruit juice and Orange Juice acid Grape Juice. Rich in vitamin C, vegetables include asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard, pepper (red or green), potatoes, sweet potatoes and tomatoes and tomato juice. Generally speaking, with sour fruit or vegetables in the vitamin C content is generally higher, we emphasize patients on daily vitamin C content of large orange, apple, tomato can do the necessary restrictions, but outpatient medical history collection, found that more is due to excessive intake of vitamin C, such as daily care of long-term oral administration of fruit vitamin C, or other diseases for long-term a large number of oral and injection (infusion) of vitamin C caused by white spot to expand, the illness is aggravating. We have found that patients with stable vitiligo patients because of the short-term use of vitamin C effervescent tablets leukoplakia expanding phenomenon.

2, wine and seafood: caused by drinking or eating raw seafood or aggravate vitiligo cases It is often seen. Often excessive drinking or eating seafood in about a week. The number of outpatient clear that the early onset drinking, eating seafood a causal relationship, there are some patients that each alcohol or seafood leukoplakia expand. In the food service industry can not wine, leukoplakia expansion is often difficult to control. The pathological mechanism of the alcohol may affect neuroendocrine function, liver damage, affecting the absorption of protein and zinc synthesis. For healthy patients with no alcohol and seafood allergic patients, moderate drinking helps to clear the meridians, promoting blood circulation and pain, is conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease. Seafood, especially shellfish is rich in minerals, often eat to help supplement the human body essential trace elements, such as copper, zinc, etc..

3, phenolic foods: a single phenol or polyphenols are intermediates in the biosynthesis of melanin, this substance has been confirmed to be given by the outside world to induce vitiligo. Phenolic compounds are widely used in daily life, and many kinds of plant foods, coffee, vegetables, fruits and many food additives contain a large number of phenolic compounds, which have cytotoxic effect on melanocytes. In addition, we found that in clinical a lot of picky eaters, the partial eclipse, drink too much. In addition, we in the clinic found a lot of picky eaters, the partial eclipse, drink excessive intake of of patients and obese children, the condition is easily repeated, is often difficult to control.


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