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Diet Of Section Type Of Vitiligo

Diet Of Section Type Of VitiligoWhat is the diet of Section type of vitiligo and what does section typeof vitiligo patients need to pay attention to ? There are a lot of patients with vitiligo are consulting the problem. There are many types of vitiligo, segmental skin vitiligo disease is more common in a. Vitiligo has the characteristics of easy to spread and recurrence, so the treatment of segmental vitiligo patients not only to be active, but also do a good job of daily care, especially in the summer. So, segmental vitiligo diet need to pay attention to what?

First ,vitiligo patients eat (Gingko nuts, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, chestnuts, lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, watermelon seeds, almond) nuts, beans and soy products, black sesame, liver and so on.

Second, vitiligo patients can eat pig lean meat, liver, vegetables (fresh vegetables beans (soybeans, peas, mung beans, soy products), peanuts, black sesame, walnut and so on food.

Third,eat food containing copper, copper directly involved in the metabolism of melanoma cells, the appropriate amount of copper element can promote the metabolism of melanin cells, is conducive to the treatment of vitiligo.

Fourth, vitiligo patients need to pay attention to scientific and rational diet, ensure adequate nutrition and balanced diet, refused to. At the same time, vitiligo patients the most important is to actively accept treatment, through scientific and rational treatment of vitiligo can be cured.

More detailed introduction is about: segmental type vitiligo diet need to pay attention to what? For this problem, do you have any questions? If you want to learn more about vitiligo, we recommend that you pay more attention to the relevant information and data, so that you know more about the condition.


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