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What Vegetables Can Vitiligo Patient Eat

What Vegetables Can Vitiligo Patient EatAs we all know, the treatment of any disease, dietary taboos are very important, and the course of treatment of vitiligo is also one of them, diet taboo is most important, what to eat ,what shouldn't eat we should understand, so for the rehabilitation of the disease is very necessary. Then, what vegetables can vitiligo patients eat?

As to the treatment of vitiligo must first know the cause, vitiligo is a common depigmentation disease. Its pathogenesis is due to human skin and hair follicles of black prime of intracellular tyrosinase activity to reduce or disappear, resulting in generation of melanosomes to reduce or disappear, due to the limitations or pan hair of de pigmented lesions.

Tyrosinase is the way in the main rate limiting enzyme of melanogenesis, reflect the participation in the process of tyrosine formation of dopa and DOPA quinone to tyrosinase. Vitamin C can make has been the formation of DOPA quinone immediately restore dopa, to interrupt the biosynthesis of melanin, and injury to the patients. Vitiligo is a common multiple pigmented skin diseases, the disease to local or generalized hair depigmentation, the formation of leukoplakia characterized. No itching, redness and swelling, but the visual is white, in the sun exposure will have reaction, of course, in early may not be what a pus of and stress long-term may will lead to, will not affect to the life.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that. At the same time, patients should eat less vitamin C food, vitamin C will affect the intestinal absorption of copper ions, but also can reduce the blood serum copper oxidase activity, thus affecting the activity of tyrosinase. Can be speculated that vitamin C can make some patients, especially those induced vitiligo low serum copper oxidase activity.

Therefore, patient should eat vegetables which contains rich in vitamin C, such as peppers, cauliflower, parsley, garlic, mustard, balsam pear, Brassica juncea, fruit such as fresh orange, grapefruit, fresh dates, hawthorn, cherry, kiwi, strawberries, bayberry, etc. should try not to eat or eat less. Vitiligo experts remind patients with vitiligo must taboos, the only way to completely cure vitiligo. Above is about vitiligo diet can eat what vegetable introduction, I believe you have to understand, warm tip: patients in life found condition must be early treatment, and actively cooperate with the doctors, from the earlier diseases caused by pain!


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