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Daily Diet Of Facial Vitiligo

Daily Diet Of Facial VitiligoAfter suffering from vitiligo, patients not only need to actively cooperate with the doctor's scientific treatment, they also need to do their own daily caring, comprehensive care, the treatment of vitiligo! In vitiligo care, diet is essential! So, what are the diet of facial vitiligo?

1, patients to stabilize their emotions, they need to develop their own diet plan. Vitiligo patients need do daily maintenance, there should be more understanding of some common sense of vitiligo, pay attention to vitiligo diet taboo, reasonable arrangements for their own diet. Under the guidance of a doctor, to develop a scientific and effective diet programs, give full play to the therapeutic effect of therapeutic.

2, the daily diet of patients with facial vitiligo can eat some of the tyrosine and mineral rich foods, such as lean meat, animal liver, fresh vegetables, beans, nuts and snails, clams and other shellfish food, in order to improve the synthesis of melanin, promote the treatment.

3, patients need to eat some rich foods which contains copper. Vitiligo patients in the daily diet, the more intake of copper ions, the formation of melanin in the body also increased. The diet of patients can eat snails, mussels, clams and other foods .

4, patients need to try to eat or do not eat vitamin C rich foods, such as pepper, tomato, citrus, grapefruit etc.. Patients also need to eat strawberries, bayberry, sour and spicy food and chicken, sheep and other volatiles. Pay attention to diet is one of the vitiligo diet.

5, patients need to eat some of the deeper color and taste slightly bitter foods, such as black fungus, kelp, eggplant, toon teeth, walnut and so on, these foods for the promotion of the treatment of vitiligo also have a very good help.

6, keep a proper diet. The daily diet of patients with vitiligo should be proper diet based on individual circumstances, usually diet should be light, nutrition, attention to vitiligo food taboos, according to personal taste and rational diet, avoid excessive tonic, so as not to increase the body burden.

7, patients should not be a picky eaters do not eclipse. Long-term partial eclipse will lead to the lack of nutrients the body, nutritional imbalances affect the synthesis of melanin, adding to the vitiligo condition. Therefore, patients in their daily diet, be sure to correct their bad eating habits, diet to ensure comprehensive attention Hunsu, promote the adequate nutrition absorption.

8,keep a reasonable medicine. Different concepts of nourishment and medicine, patients with vitiligo should be distinguished correctly. Nourishment of patients must be under the guidance of a doctor of science, according to their condition and the condition of the spleen and stomach proper food, moderate tonic.

Above are some summed up the seven key points of facial vitiligo diet, hope that patients pay more attention to scientific diet, give full play to the therapeutic effect of the therapeutic effect, promote the rehabilitation of vitiligo!


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