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How To Keep A Reasonable Vitiligo Diet

How To Keep A Reasonable Vitiligo DietAs we all know that human's daily life can not be separated from the diet, a reasonable diet will cause some diseases. For example, vitiligo, vitiligo is a common disease in our lives, the unreasonable diet is likely to cause vitiligo. Vitiligo patients in the daily diet needs to have some taboos, a lot of things are not suitable for consumption in patients with vitiligo, but not affect the nutritional intake, then the how to balance it? vitiligo hospital experts have given us the detailed introduction.

Patients with vitiligo in the diet should not picky, a reasonable and balanced diet collocation is a way of keeping good health. Not one-sided diet, meat and vegetables collocation, thick combination, patients can not simply eat the rice flour, poultry and fish. The right to food and medicine. Diet cures a doctor must be guidance, Sibu is also to according to the condition and the function of the spleen and stomach proper application, such as milk, soy milk, chocolate and other nutritional supplements will cause abdominal distension, and do not even think of eating. Some supplements such as ginseng royal jelly, donkey hide gelatin blood granules, taste more sweet greasy hinder the stomach, Jiufu students wet heat, so be sure to according to individual circumstances, moderate tonic, excessive use of supplements will bring harm to the body.

The diet of Vitiligo patients usually should be light and rich in nutrition, as much as possible to eat vitamin rich foods to eat or not to eat, too sour and spicy food should also be noted. In addition, according to the strength of the ability of the individual spleen and stomach to be selected. Meanwhile vitiligo patients can adjust their diet according to the patient's tongue changes, because the tongue is waiting outside the shoulder stomach, by observing the tongue, it can guide the patients to choose a reasonable diet.

Vitiligo patients should eat less or not eat foods which contains rich in vitamin C, fruits, vegetables, such as: tomatoes, green pepper, lemon, kiwi fruit, cherry and strawberry. Vitiligo patients can not eat too much of these foods, this is because the vitamin C will affect the activity of tyrosinase, inhibition of melanin synthesis, is not conducive to the treatment and recovery of patients.


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