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Treatment OF Halo Nevus Type Of Vitiligo

Treatment OF Halo Nevus Type Of VitiligoVitiligo is a common multiple stubborn skin diseases, so different vitiligo disease has differet incidence reasons , the halo type of vitiligo is one of the many types of vitiligo, treatment of halo type of vitiligo can not be blindly, then, how to treat halo type of vitiligo ? Below vitiligo skin disease hospital expert has given a detailed introduction about it:

Halo nevus is called centrifugal acquired white patches in medical field, currently many halo nevus cause with vitiligo , and sometimes vitiligo also called as halo nevus, so there is a halo nevus type of vitiligo . Halo nevus can occur in the elderly, and can also occur in children. It is more likely to occurs in the trunk, especially the back, occasionally seen in the head and face, which occurs in the upper limb is extremely rare. The rash is characterized by blotchy stain as the center of the circular, oval hypopigmented spot sizes. White halo color uniform, can be gradually increased to the size of coins. The edge of the white halo is not vitiligo like the performance of the deepening of the pigment. Central mole to fade, it seems only a light red papules, finally flattened or even disappear.

Vitiligo skin disease hospital experts introduce the pathogenic factors of halo nevus type of vitiligo, there are many, implemented factors, according to different causes, set up different treatment methods, there are many types of vitiligo disease, with the different of types, pathogenic factors is also different, different properties using different curing methods. Treatment of the halo nevus vitiligo first need a clear diagnose, and then develop a cure for the program, and then cure different disease, treatment is not the same, the treatment of vitiligo experts suggested that patients should not blindly treatment, so as not to aggravate the condition. No matter which kind of treatment, you need to find the missing pathogenic factors, and specifically targeted on it and cure it.

In addition, vitiligo treatment experts also stressed on the basis of medication treatment, to do a good daily protection is very important. In daily life patients should eliminate a variety of adverse stimuli, and improve the mental state and poor living and working environment, maintain a good psychological and enhance their immune function, forbidden to eat spicy spicy food and rich in vitamin C fruit, reasonable diet, to develop good living habits, to have the confidence to oneself, these are to assist in the treatment of vitiligo.

At the same time, vitiligo patients should avoid sun exposure after the sweat, the wind; avoid long-term in a humid environment; try to use air conditioning or fan in summer, sweat should be dry; in peacetime to maintain good mental state, ataractics, reduce anxiety, pay attention to rest, to develop good habits. The diet should pay attention to: eat or eat fishy spicy spicy food and food rich in vitamin C; eat onions, garlic, fish, shrimp, lamb, bamboo shoots, pickled vegetables, pepper, wine. Food which contains rich in vitamin C is not suggested to eat ,dont eat spicy food, acid, patients also need to pay attention to eat, do not drink carbonated beverages such as fish and shrimp. These foods, do not eat at this stage.

Patients with halo nevus type of vitiligo usually can eat: lean meat. Eggs, animal offal. Milk, fresh vegetables and a variety of soy products, peanuts, raisins, edible fungus, black rice, black,Snails and other shellfish food can be seen, the treatment of halo type vitiligo can not be blind.

Expert tips: if there are signs of vitiligo, patients need to timely get the regular medical institutions for medical treatment, so as not to delay the best treatment time of the disease.


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