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Diets Of Vitiligo Patients

 Diets Of Vitiligo Patients

The principles of vitiligo patients diet includ three aspects:

(1) The reason of vitiligo is the melanophores’ ability of synthesizing melanin decrease or disorder. Therefore, all the factors which may affect the metabolism of melanin should be avoided. Vitamin C, which with greatest influence, can prevent dopaquinone to synthesize melanin. In the same time, it allowe the synthesized dopaquinone return to dopa, stopping the biosynthesis of melanin. On the other hand, vitamin C will affect the intestinal absorption of copper ions, which can also reduce the copper oxidase activity in blood serum, affecting the tyrosinase activity. Therefore, patients with vitiligo should eat little or not eat vitamin C. For foods with rich vitamin C, they shouldn’t to eat or eat less, such as fresh orange, grapefruit, fresh date, hawthorn, cherry, kiwi, strawberry, bayberry, tomato and green pepper.

(2) The over acid or spicy foods shouldn’t be ate.

(3) Patients should eat foods which are rich with tyrosinase and minerals, such as lean meat, eggs, organ meats (liver, kidney, etc.), milk, fresh vegetables, beans and their products, peanuts, black sesame seeds and walnuts and other nuts, as well as some other black foods such as black rice, black beans, oysters, snails, clams, razor clams .


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