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Diet Of Generalized Type Of Female Vitiligo

Diet Of Generalized Type Of Female VitiligoAs we all known that Vitiligo is a common stubborn skin disease, which seriously affected the appearance of the patients, it brings a lot of trouble to the patients, the female generalized type of vitiligo is one of the common tyoe of vitiligo, and we all know that the diet of vitiligo patients need to bring a high degree of attention, some foods nutrients is very high, but it is not suitable for vitiligo patients. So what are the diet of generalized type of female vitiligo .

Female generalized type of vitiligo patients should try their best to avoid taking vitamin C, eat or do not eat vitamin C rich in vegetables and fruits. Such as green pepper, tomato, citrus, grapefruit etc.. Eat rich in copper rich foods, if the body of copper ion content increased, the formation of melanin also increased. We should eat snails, mussels, clams and other foods containing copper. Black fungus, kelp, sea cucumber, celery, eggplant, toon teeth, walnuts, soft shelled turtle, amaranth, leek, Nostoc, black rice, elm leaves are the role of prevention and treatment of vitiligo, often edible. Not eat strawberries, bayberry, sour and spicy food and chicken, sheep and other volatiles. Female generalized type of vitiligo patients can eat foods which contains rich in tyrosinase : tyrosinase foods can increase the body's melanin. Laver, black rice, black bone chicken, black beans, Diospyros lotus, black fungus, black sesame, lobster sauce, seaweed, mushrooms, etc., animal offal, soft shelled turtle, ebony, sea cucumbers, Diospyros lotus, black fungus, soy sauce, squid ink, eggplant, black beans and so on.

The diet of female vitiligo has the great help during the treatment of vitiligo, because food in a certain extent can produce many influences on the human body endocrine , it has a greater impact on vitiligo patients, Some foods can auxiliary vitiligo treatment, greatly accelerated the treatment of vitiligo, and add the security for the health of patients, the choice of food should be especially careful, vitiligo patients should try to avoid intaking spicy food, but they can not eat too much vitamin rich food, these for the treatment of patients with vitiligo is not easy, so the nutrition of the food had to pay special attention as well .


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