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Food Therapy Approaches Of Vitiligo

Food Therapy Approaches Of Vitiligovitiligo, although its not itchy or painful in superficial, but it seriously affect the appearance of patients , diet, food therapy, namely under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) select the food, through certain methods of cooking, made into a with the special food for the medicinal effect, used to achieve physical health, illnesses and sickness. Food therapy has been a very important content of traditional Chinese medicine therapy, therapeutic has a certain auxiliary effect, can speed up the cure. Vitiligo patients usually should know more about food therapy, and also combined with the diet to allow a faster recovery of the disease.

Vitiligo food therapy approach

1, Mung bean: the efficacy of mung bean cool down the heat, dispelling heat diuretic and dispelling thirst, drink mung bean soup is also vitiligo diet therapy and mung bean soup have conducive to detoxification, swelling, but cooking time is not long, so as not to organic acid vitamin destruction and reducing action.

2, Sweet potatoes: vitiligo food therapy can be mitigated by sweet potato, sweet potato contains the fiber soft, which is easy to digest, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, easy defecation. Sweet potato is the best way to eat roasted sweet potatoes, and baked lianpi together, eat all of it.

3, Millet: the focus of millet is also the key of vitiligo diet, millet does not contain gluten does not stimulate the intestinal tract, is belongs to the more moderate fiber quality can be easily digested and is therefore suitable for collocation detoxification meals. Millet Congee is very suitable for detoxification, diuresis and detumescence, rich nutrition, is conducive to skin whitening.

4, Barley: Adlay can promote blood circulation, metabolism of water diuresis effect, and it helps to improve the edema obesity. During in the vitiligo diet, patients can eat barley, barley is the good method of detoxification. The barley add boiling water boiled, suitable personal taste and add a little sugar, is a skin whitening natural skin care products.

5, Oats: oats can smooth bowel movement, and also promote the volume of manure, water increased, with the fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility, it plays the role of detoxification. Drink the steamed oats juice as a beverage is a good choice whipping can also be added for his food, such as apples, raisins, both nutrition and promote defecation.

6, Sesame salt: fry the black sesame, and put some salt, crushed into sesame salt, edible Steamed Buns dip, bread or mixed with porridge. Black sesame has activated local abnormal melanin cells and regeneration of melanin function.

7, Brown: brown rice is the whole rice, rice bran oil reserves rich fiber with water, the effect of liposuction is quite good.


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