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Food Taboos Of Pregnant Vitiligo Patients

Food Taboos Of Pregnant Vitiligo PatientsPregnant women are a always the special group of people around us, whether it is for their own health or for the health of their children, pregnant women are suggested to pay more attention to their own physical and emotional. In recent years, patients suffering from vitiligo in pregnant women continue to increase, the treatment of pregnant women with vitiligo has some limitations, but the daily diet is very suitable for a way of conditioning. So, we have to figure out the diet taboos of some pregnant women with vitiligo .

Pregnant women with vitiligo should pay attention to supply more water in their daily life, such as drink cup of water in the morning , which can help to clean up the intestinal tract, but also can promote the body's metabolism, promote intestinal digestion system.

Secondly, pregnant patients should eat more fresh vegetables, try to avoid eating spicy food, because the spicy food will stimulate the stomach and cause some diseases, but also it can lead to the proliferation of leukoplakia, so pregnant women, patients with vitiligo should always keep away from irritating food.

Third, patients should eat nourishing and moistening food. Cuz in winter, the weather is dry, its easy to get angry, so pregnant women, patients with vitiligo can eat banana, pear, lily, honey, sugar, etc. food, alleviate the "fire" phenomenon.

Forth, pregnant women with vitiligo need to add a moderate amount of protein and calcium. Fish, chicken, milk and soy products contain relatively good protein and calcium. It can also help calcium treatment of vitiligo.

To sum up , pregnant vitiligo woman should always try to avoid from eating spicy and stumilate food . They can eat some more green vegetables or fruits. It is very helpful for their healthy and their baby.

Meanwhile , they should also try to do some certain exercises in order to improve their body immnue system and anti-rersistance.


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