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Diets Attention Of Advanced Stage Vitiligo

Diets Attention Of Advanced Stage VitiligoDuring the treatment process of Vitiligo , we often find such a phenomenon: some patients can get a rapid efficacy, and some patients will have to take long time in order to get a good effect. a reasonable diet of vitiligo plays a very imoprtant role in the treatment, it is essential, it can not only ensure the balance of the patient's nutrition, but also have a certain auxiliary effect for the treatment .

Here are some valuable suggestions to advanced stage vitiligo:

1, vitiligo patients need set up a reasonable diets plan according to their own taste, try to avoid the transition of supplyment, increase the body's burden. In addition, patients in the daily diet, to light nutrition based, usually have to pay attention to the diet of vitiligo taboo.

2, patient must correct their bad eating habits, ensure a comprehensive diets, patients should eat meat and vegetables, and thickness combination, promote the adequate nutrition absorption. If the patient has bad habit of picky eaters, the partial eclipse, it will lead to the lack of nutrients in a long-term way, the nutritional imbalance and increase the vitiligo condition.

3, many patients are fear of lacking nutrition in their daily diet, they often unauthorized advocate choose some tonic, eating a lot, not only not conducive to the treatment, and even to the patient's body harmful, thus affecting the vitiligo treatment. But the vitiligo experts remind patients, proper edible of beneficial therapeutic food, to ensure adequate nutrition absorption, need not be in such a high-profile food supplements.

4, in order get a good diet conditioning of vitiligo , with particular attention to the content of diet. The food which refers to those who are in excess of nutrients or have a strong irritant food, excessive consumption of these foods, will give the patient a tremendous impact on the body to stimulate. If long-term consumption, it will lead to the spread of white spot symptoms.

Diets of vitiligo Patients, patients should eat less spicy stimulation food such as wine, pepper, garlic, lamb, fish, shrimp and other seafood, because these foods are easily stop the synthesis of melanocytes, it is not conducive to the treatment of vitiligo disease. Patiets should eat less foods which contains rich in vitamin C, fruits such as oranges, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, tomatoes, hawthorn, red bayberry, cherry and so on, these fruits contain rich vitamin C, depigmentation of skin pigment, in the metabolism of melanin, so that the formation of melanin interrupt aggravate the condition of patients with vitiligo.


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