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What Are The Frequently-used Photosensitive Foods?

 frequently-used Photosensitive foods,Vitiligo dietThe Photosensitive foods is those food which can easily cuase Vegetable solar dermatitis.Generally speaking, after Photosensitive foods were absorbed, the Photosensitive materialwhich contains into Photosensitive foods will Penetrate into the skin, it Will react with sunlight if it Exposure to sunlight at this time ,and the bare parts appears Skin redness, rash with Obvious itching、Burning or tingling feelings and ect.
Among the vegetables, the most typical Photosensitive food is Chenopodium album, but its rarely exists now. Celery, lettuce, rape, spinach, cabbage, mustard, fig, milk vetch aslo contains the Photosensitive material, but what makes different from Chenopodium album is it depends on Personal constitution whether these foods can cause the Solar dermatitis, thus those who has Allergic constitution shoud pay a attention on these food .In addition, some medicine like Psoralen、Angelica also contains Photosensitive material, we have to watch out


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