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Daily Diets Of Generalized Vitiligo

Daily Diets Of Generalized VitiligoGeneralized Vitiligo is a black pigment depigmentation skin disease which can occur at any age, young people, there is a higher incidence among young people . There are many taboos which generalized vitiligo patients need to pay attention to .First, patients need a stable state of mind, patients should treat this skin disease correctly, they should face up their skin disease with a good and stable attitude, and they need consciously adjust the physical and mental state in order to overcome negative emotions, eliminate stress, and also establish the determination and confidence in the long-term struggle with the disease.

However, generalized Vitiligo patients should pay attention to their daily diet , patients usually should not try to eat spicy food, stimulate snacks and avoid tobacco, wine, seafood, lamb, which contains rich in vitamin C food, such as: tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, hawthorn, kiwi, etc.. Mouth taboos is a very important link, there is no any harmful affect for vitiligo patients to take vitamin , so patients should not eat or eat less food which contains rich in vitamin food. In their daily life, over sour, spicy food, and mutton, seafood and other so-called hot food also can affect the skin condition and treatment effect,it is not conducive to the rehabilitation of the disease, and patients should aslo pay their special attention to it.

Here are some valuable tips for generalized vitiligo :

First, maintain a good attitude. Maintain a cheerful and open-minded mind, try to avoid from anxiety, grief and other negative emotionals. Establish a good living habits, build up a regular work and rest table, and also try to avoid overwork. Two, set up a reasonable diet. Patients need to pay attention to their vitiligo diet, bogey fish and seafood, eat less foods which contains rich in vitamin C. Meanwhile, patients need to avoid alcohol and also spicy food. Tehy should Usually eat some foods which their appearance represents with black color andpurple food, such as black beans, black rice, black sesame, walnut and so on.

Three, patients need to protect their skin. Tehy should take a bath gentlely, try not to rub their skin hardly when they take a bath. Meanwhile, vitiligo patients should avoid contact with phenol and phenolic compounds, such as rubber gloves , and also avoid long time exposure to sunlight.

Four, generalized vitiligo patients should do some physical exercises regularly. Because good physical quality is the foundation to overcome the disease.


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