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Diets Of Localized Vitiligo

Diets Of Localized VitiligoLocalized Vitiligo is refers to the skin which limited to one place or more tablets. The onset location is uncertainty , any part of the body are likely to find white spots. If the white spot under the progress , it will limite to one place, but the area will continue to expand .

One, the localized vitiligo patients diet attention:

1, localized vitiligo patients should pay attention to the complement of trace elements, promote to use the copper utensils.

2, localized vitiligo patients should eat more fresh, light chlorophyll which contains rich in vegetables, eat more liver, lean meat, beef, black food such as black sesame, black beans and so on.

3, localized vitiligo patients should eat less stimulate food, such as wine, pepper, raw garlic, etc..

4, localized vitiligo patients should eat less food which contains rich in vitamin C , such as fresh orange, grapefruit, fresh dates, hawthorn, cherry, kiwi, strawberries and red berries should try not to eat or eat less.

5, localized vitiligo patients should also eat less lamb, fat, seafood, etc..

Two, do not excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation

According to the vitiligo medical theory, Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light will accelerate the consumption of skin melanoma cells, while the skin cells will be prompted to produce toxins, destory the melanoma cells.

Three, maintain a positive and healthy state of mind

It has a very important effect whether you have a healthy mentality, optimistic attitude will accelerate the healing of the disease, the negative negative attitude will delay the progress of treatment, and increase the severity of the disease.

Meanwhile , vitiligo experts suggest that although the performance of the localized vitiligo seems not that much harmful, but once it isout of controlled, it will lead to the recurrence of vitiligo. Therefore, patients should pay more attention to it.


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