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What Are the symptoms Of The Ordinary type Vitiligo

What Are the symptoms Of The Ordinary type VitiligoVitiligo is a very common skin disease, and there are couple of types of vitiligo , among these types. The ordinary type is one of the most common diseases , the incidence rate of ordinary type vitiligo is pretty high, the symptoms are very obvious too, So. what are the symptoms of the ordinary type vitiligo?

The typical symptoms of the ordinary type vitiligo is the leukoplakia, patients can have a specific observation to these white patches, white patches appreas at the site of human throughout the skin, oral and genital mucosa with uncertain different sizes, single or multiple irregular white patches, white patches area gradually expanded, the number is also increasing. The extent of depigmentation may not be the same, it can be expressed as a pale white, milky white, white clouds and white porcelain. In some rarely cases, the white spot will appear to shrink or disappear.

In addition, the inner side of the white patches can also grow hair , but generally, there is a white color chnages phenomenon, it can also be normal, also be black and white, hair becomes white, and the curative effect is relatively worse, after the disappearance of the white patches, the hair can also turns back to black. After the sun exposure , it turns red, burning pain, blisters, itching, severe patients can get couple of leukoplakia development on their body. In general, leukoplakia surface is smoothly, scaly or crusted, sensory and secretory function are normal. But there are also a few patients feel itchy at white patches area, this situation can also be happened in the development and effective of vitiligo; and a small number of vitiligo patients have sweat odor at the white patches area.


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